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2010 Favourites!!! :) [pic heavy]

These are my favourite products for 2010, I know I have many, but I adore all of them :)

WINTER HAUL: Boohoo order

Hey guys I have a haul for you today. It's my first *clothes haul* on my blog. I obviously have more clothes in my wardrobe, but this is what I got in my last order. These are similar to other things Ii have in my wardrobe so I hope you like them. I have purchased from this site multiple times [I think around 5-6 times] and I love their products but am not so keen on their customer service. It is a UK based company but ships almost worldwide: see their info on their site HERE. Now I was going to take photos, and I actually did, but they looked bad on camera and on the hanger so I *borrowed* photos from their site. No copyright infringement intended and if you're interested you can click on photo for direct link. I also bought a waist belt for my mum and another pair of tights but both are out of stock now so couldn't find a photo. Perhaps I'll feature them in future posts. I recommend joining the OFFICIAL BOOHOO FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for scoops on deals and promotional off…

Casual sexy brown smokey eye w/ celebrity-like lashes

I wore the following look on Christmas Day and it's just so typical of me - and I love smokey eyes :)

What I used:
MAX FACTOR lasting performance foundation in Natural Beige
ELF Mineral Booster in Tinted
ELF all over cover sticks in light beige and honey  NYX blush in peach
ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance
ELF cool bronzer ELF HD powder

ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
ELF all over colour stick in spotlight NYX slim eye pencil in white
ELF 32 eyeshadow palette LE
ELF gel liner in black
Maybelline Define a Line in Black
L'OREAL voluminous original mascara  L'OREAL volume million lashes mascara
ELF eyebrow kit in medium Duo surgical lash adhesive Celebrity lashes [I call them celebrity lashes – the pair are a reused pair- this was the 2nd time I have worn them]
RIMMEL moisture renew lipstick in nude delight 
[NOTE: In the last photo I'm wearing other lip products.]

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post.

How to: Trash Painful Hurtful Comments

Hey guys, I am writing this post because I honestly think this is a necessity. I commented on a post by the lovely Shabby from Vyile and she emailed me back saying that someone said a comment which she found hurtful. I'm not focusing on her, because I believe it is a very personal thing for her and she should be the one to talk about it.

There are so so many people out there who just say random comments and they are so so hurtful. And to all of those who have been through something like this, I just wanted to share something with you. Today my 10 year old cousin came to my house and at one point she said "eww, look your hands are so bony". Now to say this politely, she went past the point of healthy weight years ago. To that comment I answered, "Well it's better than having a bunch of fat in your hands" - Now of course I'm translating - I speak Maltese at home. And she replied "but not like that, your hands look so disgusting". It was so so h…