gel nails :)

For the past year I have been doing my own gel nails. I am not a certified nail technician or anything and I only do my own nails. Before two years ago I used to bite my nails and it had always been that way. I have had my nails done at a nail technician's twice and by the second time I realised that if I had the products to work with, I could do my own nails. I'm always experimenting with new stuff with regards to nail art and stuff like that and it's something I like to do. I'll try to take photos and stuff when I do my nails because I have never really done that. I have tried doing my mum's nails on certain occasions but they never really lasted that long. In these photos are my nails on numerous occasions, they are extracts of photos so excuse me for the quality .. The photo with red polish nails are my mom's, the rest are all my own. With regards to the photo with the mustache.. try to focus on the nails, i forgot to wax xP

take care guys x


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