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waiting for lipsticks by e.l.f and nyx :) & my current fave

I bought a couple of lipsticks online lately, which I'm eagerly waiting for.

I bought the much recommended shade of :
[1]Elf mineral lipstick in Runway Pink [a pinkish nude] and
[2]Natural Nymph [a nude lipstick]
from the UK eyes lips face site. [ ].
You can also buy them from the US site if you're from the US. []

Even more recently I bought a couple of NYX lipsticks, 6 to be exact, from an ebay seller. They seem to be highly recommended by youtubers and on blogs and stuff so I decided to try a couple of shades. These are the colours I bought:

tea rose LSS 628
strawberry milk LSS 595
thalia LSS 529
power LSS 629
fig LSS 640
georgia LSS 618

NYX lipsticks are much harder to find than the elf lipsticks. You can buy them from:

Unfortunately, I couldn't buy from any of these sites so I bought mine from ebay and I bought 6 out of the 144 shades from the sa…

How to: spice up your nails (zebraish nails)

Nails are the new essential accessory..

Whether your nails are long or short, they leave an impression on people just like if you wear make up or not. They don't have to be super professional. Here's a little trick to make them look super fashionable yourself. You don't have to have the most perfect nails and this works on all lengths. Try making your nails looks zebraish.

Now very recently I did my mum's nails and this is what they look like. If you like these zebraish nails, keep reading for some tips on how to make them yourself.

What you need:
1. base colour [white, nude, light pink, - any light colour would do]
2. black nail polish
3. small tip brush or if it comes with the black nail polish even better
4. top coat
5. nails

TIP #1.
Don't worry about perfection

TIP #2.
If your natural nails tend to get yellowish .. always apply clear nail hardener before applying nail polish.

TIP #3.
When using red nail polish, NEVER apply it on natural nails, it tends to make them yell…

fancy trying to make your own lipgloss?

Hey guys,

have you ever imagined making your own personal lipgloss?

Here's how:

what you need:

1. vaseline / petroleum jelly
2. lipstick [note: you can also use eyeshadow powder or eyeshadow cream]
3. tea spoon
4. big spoon [huge]
5. knife
6. container

Step 1.
Cut the desired amount of lipstick off [do not cut the whole thing .. if you want a more pigmented lipgloss who just add more.] - i cut the whole lipstick off here silly me, which is why it is so pigmented.

Step 2.
Place a teaspoon of vaseline / petroleum jelly on the big spoon and place the piece of lipstick in their as well.

Step 3.
Switch on your cooker and place your big spoon on your cooker.

Step 4.
allow them to slowly melt and mix them together with teaspoon.

Step 5.
Once entirely blended together pour into container.

Step 6.
Allow to dry.

and Tadaaa xD
[p.s. I wouldn't do a stupid thing like use an expensive lipstick if I were you]

REVIEW: Nivea lip care and lip products

So I really really really love lip balms. I have a tendency of biting my lips so they're a lip-saver :P

I tried so many Nivea lip balms thought I'd share my thoughts on them. I'm going to start from the ones I don't like. There are a couple I just can't live without so you may want to read till the end or scroll down :P Maybe I could live without them. I'd just have boring dry lips :P With regard to pricing i find them really cheap and you should find them at your local drugstore.

Nivea Lip Care in Cherry Kiss.
I personally never liked this one. You have to be careful how to use it, because it is a little pigmented for a lip balm. It is red in colour and I don't like reddish lips on me. So if you like red lips, you might actually love the product. I don't like the texture of the product, it's not that conditioning. I didn't really love the scent either, I'm not a cherry person. I don't know what I was thinking. DUH.

Nivea Lip Care in P…

want leopard nails like these?

Hi guys,

so I managed to learn how to do leopard nails like these and I thought I'd share the trick.

You need:
1. yellow nail polish
2. black nail art pen
3. bronze nail glitter nail art pen
4. top coat
5. some nails :P

the following is the tip of a black nail art pen [so you'll have an example for what to look for :P]

The fun part is that you can use different colours; instead of yellow you can use white, light brown, nude colours anything which is light in colour basically and is not pinkish.

Instead of bronze colours you can use anything which is slightly darker than your base nail art colour.

Another thing is that I used gel to strengthen my own nails but you can do them on natural nails as well as acrylic since the nail polish is ordinary nail polish and air dries as opposed to gel nail polish which only dries in a uv lamp.

How to:
1. apply 1 coat yellow nail polish
2. allow to dry
3. grab your nail art pen and start forming "c" and / or "o" sha…