waiting for lipsticks by e.l.f and nyx :) & my current fave

I bought a couple of lipsticks online lately, which I'm eagerly waiting for.

I bought the much recommended shade of :
[1]Elf mineral lipstick in Runway Pink [a pinkish nude] and
[2]Natural Nymph [a nude lipstick]
from the UK eyes lips face site. [http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk ].
You can also buy them from the US site if you're from the US. [http://eyeslipsface.com/]

Even more recently I bought a couple of NYX lipsticks, 6 to be exact, from an ebay seller. They seem to be highly recommended by youtubers and on blogs and stuff so I decided to try a couple of shades. These are the colours I bought:

tea rose LSS 628
strawberry milk LSS 595
thalia LSS 529
power LSS 629
fig LSS 640
georgia LSS 618

NYX lipsticks are much harder to find than the elf lipsticks. You can buy them from:


Unfortunately, I couldn't buy from any of these sites so I bought mine from ebay and I bought 6 out of the 144 shades from the same seller.

Hopefully I'll tell you what I think about them in a couple of weeks :)

Now my favourite lipstick at the moment is Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Please 025 . It's a gorgeous matte pink. I'm wearing it in my photo down here and it's the type of lipstick you would apply without the need of a mirror. I love the texture, it's still a lipstick so it's not that moisturising but it doesn't dry up and define the lines on your lips. The only thing I don't like about it is the packaging, it looks a bit cheap to me.

I am not affiliated with any seller and am not benefiting in any way over this review. Everything expressed is my own personal opinion. I am not being paid to review and I have purchased the item myself for my own personal uses. I simply would like to share my thoughts on the product with you. This is simply my honest review.


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