fancy trying to make your own lipgloss?

Hey guys,

have you ever imagined making your own personal lipgloss?

Here's how:

what you need:

1. vaseline / petroleum jelly
2. lipstick [note: you can also use eyeshadow powder or eyeshadow cream]
3. tea spoon
4. big spoon [huge]
5. knife
6. container

Step 1.
Cut the desired amount of lipstick off [do not cut the whole thing .. if you want a more pigmented lipgloss who just add more.] - i cut the whole lipstick off here silly me, which is why it is so pigmented.

Step 2.
Place a teaspoon of vaseline / petroleum jelly on the big spoon and place the piece of lipstick in their as well.

Step 3.
Switch on your cooker and place your big spoon on your cooker.

Step 4.
allow them to slowly melt and mix them together with teaspoon.

Step 5.
Once entirely blended together pour into container.

Step 6.
Allow to dry.

and Tadaaa xD
[p.s. I wouldn't do a stupid thing like use an expensive lipstick if I were you]


  1. Just stumbled across your blog, and love it. Great post....I'm gonna try and make my own lipgloss.

    Come check out my fashion blog.

  2. really cool! I want to make some now :) thanks for this post

  3. how sweet you guys :)
    thanks for the feedback xx

  4. How cute helping people like me to make own lip gloss.. Thanks Dear..
    Make your Own Lip Gloss


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