REVIEW: Nivea lip care and lip products

So I really really really love lip balms. I have a tendency of biting my lips so they're a lip-saver :P

I tried so many Nivea lip balms thought I'd share my thoughts on them. I'm going to start from the ones I don't like. There are a couple I just can't live without so you may want to read till the end or scroll down :P Maybe I could live without them. I'd just have boring dry lips :P With regard to pricing i find them really cheap and you should find them at your local drugstore.

Nivea Lip Care in Cherry Kiss.
I personally never liked this one. You have to be careful how to use it, because it is a little pigmented for a lip balm. It is red in colour and I don't like reddish lips on me. So if you like red lips, you might actually love the product. I don't like the texture of the product, it's not that conditioning. I didn't really love the scent either, I'm not a cherry person. I don't know what I was thinking. DUH.

Nivea Lip Care in Pearl and Shine.

When I bought it I thought I'd love this one. I didn't. I mean, the colour looks pretty good but the texture of the product is not good at all. Even when you reapply it, it just keeps building up like a cheap lipstick. But the colour is pretty nice.

Nivea Lip Care in Sun.
I thought I'd buy a summerish lip balm for summer. But guess what, I hated it, even when it felt like it was gone, the product was clumping up on my lips.

Now the good stuff:

Nivea Natural Volume.
I wouldn't say I loooooove the product. but I do like it. It's not as conditioning as the following two but it's pretty good. I love the packaging. The actual product is orangish with a slight shimmer. It's a good product. I would recommend it.

Nivea in Essential Care.
This is one of my absolute favourites. It conditions your lips, brings out your natural pigment. It is slightly more runny than the next one. But it's great. The actual lip balm is white in colour. It has like a vaseline texture.

Nivea Hydro Care.
This one is AMAZINGGGGG :D:D.. It's similar to the essential one, but even better. Texture is great and you can reapply without a mirror or anything and you don't have to worry about it building up in a funny way. I have 2 unopened ones just in case I run out. I know I'm a freak but for a while I couldn't find anywhere to buy it. Then I managed to find :D:D *Hallelujah* When I actually bought the new ones they had a new packaging, well still the same just different patterns on the tube. P.s. it is yellowish in colour.

Labello in Hydro Care.
BTW. when I ran out I bought the labello lip balm in hydro care and I couldn't help finding similarities with the nivea lip care in essential care. Then I looked at the packaging and found out that it was the same company: Beiersdorf. That lip balm is great as well.

I believe lately Nivea have improved their packaging and most of their products have spf protection. In fact my new ones all have the spf thing except the nivea natural volume one.

Take care guys :)
feel free to share your own thoughts xx

P.S. I am not affliated with Nivea and I am not being paid to review anything. I purchased them myself.


  1. I had the same problem with Cherry Kiss but I liked the Sun one and Essential Care. I think I will get the Hydro Care one... judging from your review, it sounds amazing :)

  2. hey lara, I just checked, the new packaging is called soothe and protect and it has spf 12 in it. The packaging is slightly different than the one is this photo, it is a turquoise colour. :) I think I finished 5 tubes of this product and I love it, I'm quite sure you will too :)


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