want leopard nails like these?

Hi guys,

so I managed to learn how to do leopard nails like these and I thought I'd share the trick.

You need:
1. yellow nail polish
2. black nail art pen
3. bronze nail glitter nail art pen
4. top coat
5. some nails :P

the following is the tip of a black nail art pen [so you'll have an example for what to look for :P]

The fun part is that you can use different colours; instead of yellow you can use white, light brown, nude colours anything which is light in colour basically and is not pinkish.

Instead of bronze colours you can use anything which is slightly darker than your base nail art colour.

Another thing is that I used gel to strengthen my own nails but you can do them on natural nails as well as acrylic since the nail polish is ordinary nail polish and air dries as opposed to gel nail polish which only dries in a uv lamp.

How to:
1. apply 1 coat yellow nail polish
2. allow to dry
3. grab your nail art pen and start forming "c" and / or "o" shapes. it does not have to look perfect, actually the less perfect the better.
4. place sort of dots against the c/o shapes.
5. apply top coat

and tadaaa here are your nails:


  1. ahhhh dawk int amioltomm??? love em!

  2. iva babes ilni 1 year naghmilhom :)
    imma qabel kont naghmilhom iktar plain.. issa qed nesperimentaw naqra hehe :)
    thanks bella xx


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