Nyx Collection

Round Lipsticks:
tea rose LSS 628
strawberry milk LSS 595
thalia LSS 529
power LSS 629
fig LSS 640
georgia LSS 618
lousiana LSS 634
narcissius LSS 509
paris LSS 620
orange soda LSS 588
pumpkin pie LSS 630
femme LSS 643
frapuccino LSS 632
eros LSS 536

NYX blushes:

pinky PB05
taupe PB11
angel PB03
peach PB06

nyx round lipglosses:
whipped RLG 28
apricot RLG19

nyx lipgloss in smokey look: LG159

nyx single eyeshadows:
cryptonite ES63A
dark brown ES06

nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk 04
nyx slim eye pencil in white.

nyx Slim lip pencil:
natural SPL810
pinky SPL835
dolly pink SPL839
coral SPL841
rose SPL840

This is my nyx collection, if you'd like to see some particular swatches just comment down below. :) I am planning to review the whole lot soon :)

This is the EBAY SELLER I have bought all my nyx products from. The customer service is awesome!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. i love nyx, such a good brand. Their lipsticks are so cute and pretty :)

    xoxo Christine



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