50 FOLLOWERS :D:D [& upcoming posts scoop :)]

WOW! I hit my first 50 followers and that, to me, is awesome, to know that people out there are actually reading my blog and by choice, not for any sort of income or anything. You guys are awesome :):) I wanted to dedicate a post thanking you guys for joining my blog. You're my inspiration and I love posting stuff that you guys are interested in. I don't have an awesome giveaway for you guys, but I may have one in the future. I do have some awesome upcoming posts for you, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. [continue reading to find what that is going to be] Thank you ever so much guys and if there's anything you want to know about me, beauty related or not, just ask in the comment form below and I'll have a post dedicated to that. If you'd like to let me know anything random about you, go ahead and use this comment form below, too. I would love to see what questions you have in store and what comments you'll actually posts [if anyone reads this post in the first place]. This would be so much fun for me to do, because it's something different for me on this blog, and I would love to get to know you guys a bit better, and having you get to know me better.

Here's the upcoming posts secret just for you guys– last Saturday I had an awesome shoot and I shall upload some photos as soon as I get them from my awesome friend and photographer Krista :) I'm so excited to show you guys that and see what you think about them. I shall also give you a scoop of what products I used on me in the photos so stay tuned for that.

Thank you guys again and stay tuned for more girly posts by me :D:D

Many thanks and a Million squishable hugs :D:D

Dyna xxx


  1. I've nearly got 50 followers on my blog and it just makes me so happy to feel that people are actually interested in what i write about, so i know where your coming from :)


  2. Keep Up The Good Work : D
    Congrats x x


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