ELF Product Review: HD powder

This is my first HD powder so at first I did not know how to use this. The product is meant to create a smooth finish to your face, avoiding caking or emphasis on wrinkles. It really is a great setting powder but I do not like to use it all over my face, I only use this on my under eye area, where my concealer tends to set on any imperfections. The powder in itself is white which may make your face appear whiter, but if blended properly, there wouldn't be any white marks on your face. I don't like loose powders that much, but I love this one even though it can be a little hard to work with.  For the price, you get a lot of product. The packaging looks really great and inside it also comes with a cotton applicator to apply the powder with, however, I do not recommend using this as it applies too much product to your face, I apply it with a large eyeshadow angled brush. Another thing about this product is that it is so fine that if you shake the product to get it on the tray and open immediately, a puff of smokey looking powder goes emerges immediately. So what I recommend is shaking the product just after application [obviously, when closed] so that you won't be forced to shake the product prior to application. I strongly suggest to remove the cotton pad from the product, since it can be in the way when wanting to apply the powder with a brush. I probably would repurchase, even though my initial reaction was not so good but now that I know how to use it, I am very pleased with it.


1. I have read this on Isabel's  Sugar Coated Muffin Blog she's so right. If you keep the sponge in and shake the hd powder whilst holding the sponge in, it becomes less messy. So you're confused .. OK. Keep the sponge applicator in, open the actual container. While holding the sponge against it, turn the product upside down. Then grab the product off the sponge applicator with your favourite brush - I use the studio elf kabuki.

2. Do not use this for flash photography - because it will make your face appear a little whiter - not as much as the MUFE HD powder - but it does make your face whiter. It still is a good setting powder

3. I probably would not repurchase because everyone keeps raving about the mineral booster in sheer. I have it in tinted and it is an awesome setting powder, but I'm definitely getting the sheer one :)

Thank you for reading guys :)
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FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

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  1. I kept the plastic cover on mine and only tore off the corner so that I don't get as much product coming out of the sifter. It's a great product though, for the amount you get and the price. ;)

  2. thanks!

    I ordered this I cant wait to try it=)


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