HAUL: nail stickers and false eyelash applicator from ebay

This is my mini haul from ebay. I bought 10 sheets of nail art stickers, which I'm not familiar with. So I'll keep you updated about these :):) They were really really cheap :D:D

You can buy the nail art stickers from HERE.

I also bought a false lash applicator, which is supposed to ease the process when applying falsies. I will post a blog about the falsies I currently own. So stay tuned for that guys :):) You can buy this eyelash applicator with stand from HERE. It's super cheap, so anyone can afford to buy this. Will keep you updated on this one too. :):)


  1. amazing, im going to check out the link :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this :)

    xoxo Christine


  2. You're welcome hun :):) p.s they both took me around a month to actually get them.

  3. do you have a post about these where you have used them on your nails? :)

  4. I just got them today in the mail, I have not used them yet but will do soon because they look gorgeous. :) will blog about it when I do :) The only nail posts I have are these, but they're all with nail polish:






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