MASCARA REVIEW: Avon's Supershock Mascara [with photos!!]

Avon Supershock. I have to say. I am very picky with my mascaras. Packaging wise, nothing special but it has 10ml of product. Really cheap. The actual formulation and the brush are really good though and very buildable. This is the only mascara I have repurchased. I always use two mascaras, one for volume, the other for length. This one works amazing for volume. Clumping is very minimal. The brush is huge and really easy to work with. You may find the brush a little too big though at first. Not as flexible as other mascara wands. Would I recommend? Damn right. Would I repurchase? I already have one spare :P

Brush size and shape compared to other brushes.
Brushes [from top to bottom]:
1. Max Factor Lash Extension Effect
2. Avon Supercurlacious Mascara
3. Avon Supershock
4. L' Oreal Voluminous - Original

Rating: 4.5/5 [ - 0.5 just because I have to use another mascara for length]

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Looks awesome!
    I have to jump into the bandwagon and start purchasing some Avon products! I will maybe start by this great mascara!
    By the way, I am a new follower here, I hope you like my company!

  2. Hello Catanya :):)
    I don't have many avon products to be honest, I just gave two of their mascaras a go and I happened to love this one :)

    And you're more than welcome to follow my blog :D:D

    I love feedback, so to know someone out there finds your blog interesting feels great :):)

    If you have any requests or questions feel free to bring them forward sweety :D:D xxx

  3. i haven't tried a lot mascaras, actually i've been using this one for about.. 4 years. now i'm in a real trouble, because i'm not buying avon products anymore. read a lot of reviews about different mascaras but it seems that only your standarts really meet mine, soo... which mascara is the best? :) you gave the highest rating for this one but maybe you found another as good as this?
    thanks in advance ;)

  4. Hey EglÄ— :)

    I actually have tried the l' Oreal Voluminous and the L' Oreal Volume Million lashes after the avon supershock and I still haven't found another that I like more than the Avon Supershock mascara, sorry :( I dhould be trying more mascaras though in the coming months, I have yet to try the MAX FACTOR's Masterpiece High Definition Mascara in black, ACCESSORIZE volumising mascara in Jet Black, MAX FACTOR's lash lift waterproof volume and lift mascara in black, MAYBELLINE's the falsies mascara non waterproof in very black and ELF's Mineral Infused Mascara in black. I cannot open the whole lot to try them out though because mascaras dry out so fast, I'll end up throwing them away before I actually use them. But I'll write reviews about each and every mascara once I really try it out :) xx


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