NYX power & paris round lipstick [REVIEW with swatches!!]

Overall nyx round lipsticks:

x creamy
x glides very easily
x cheap for a good quality lipstick
x moisturising
x cute black packaging
x very pigmented
x nyx is against animal testing
x have a colour display of the lipstick at the bottom of the tube identical to actual lipstick.

x not long lasting, but I don't mind reapplying

I am going to review the following lipstick colours:

Round lipstick [left to right] : Paris LSS 620,  Power LSS 629

Round lipstick [left to right] : Paris LSS 620,  Power LSS 629

Paris LSS 620

I read online that it is a bright pink. To me, it is not so bright, so much so, I would wear it during daytime, not my everyday lip colour though. Very creamy and goes on very smoothly. It has purple undertones in it. But it is brighter and more pinkish than nyx's Power. I lately found out it pairs beautifully with nyx round lipstick in narcissius. I will repurchase if I run out.I

LSS 629 Power: matte, a pink with purple undertones. Gorgeous colour, yet not the lipstick colour you'd find in my everyday hand bag. I find it way more wearable when you pat it on rather than pack it on. It looks great with a toned down smokey eye look. Very creamy in texture. This is not my everyday lipstick but is the type of lipstick when I want a more dramatic daytime look. It is also a great shade for nightime but will not give you that bold lip colour.

Round lipstick [left to right] : Paris LSS 620,  Power LSS 629

Paper Swatch

Side Note: all swatches were not paired with any other product.

You can buy nyx products from nyxcosmetics.com , cherryculture.com, makeupgeek.com, ULTA[US] or ebay sellers.

I would love to know whether you prefer lip, hand or paper swatches. So just comment down below pleasee :):)

Have you heard about nyx? Have you tried any of their products? Any favourite products you'd recommend to this make up junkie? :):) Comment Below :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love Paris that is such a pretty color!! =]

    Very Femme!


  2. it really is, very cute colour :)

    thanks for stopping by hun xx


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