Pink Gel nails feat. ELF nail polish & ebay nail stickers

I done my nails yesterday. These are gel nails with nail art that you too can easily pull off. Keep reading to find out how.

I applied two coats of ELF nail polish in Gum Pink.
I used ELF nail polish in gum pink. The nails already look gorgeous. I was very much surprised at how the colour turned out.
I chose these nail art stickers to place on my nails.

They are a little hard to work with to be honest. What I did was cut them individually, check whether they fit on my nails, cut them to suit the length of my nails and press the sticker against my nail. The rhinestones remain stuck to the plastic packaging so what I did was scoop them off with a toothpick and press in against my nail on the area I wanted.

Then, I applied a thin layer of top coat and stippled on the area with the top coat brush to remove any area that got stuck in it.

So Here's the result guys :)

Hope you liked them  :)
I bought the nail art stickers from  HERE.
You can buy ELF nail polish HERE[US] and HERE[UK].

FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either companies, everything I mentioned in this post was purchased by me for my personal use. I am not paid to do any review and I am not affected whatsoever with the purchases of the products if you plan to purchase them.

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Lots of love and girly nails,



  1. cute, i really like that nail polish :) I need to search for some nail art stickers on ebay :)

    xoxo Christine

  2. Wow Dyna your nails are very pretty!

  3. I am back to say thank you very much. I'm looking forward for more nailposts. Keep it up. I really love your work.
    Kisses from Germany.

  4. Thank you gingerSnap. It's really nice to have worldwide visitors since I come from a small country :)



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