Review: Nivea refreshingly soft moisturising cream

Review: Nivea moisturiser – This is an awesome moisturiser, the best I've ever tried. The smell does not bother me. Feels pretty refreshing and stuff. I love the fact that it is a multi purpose product. You can use it on your face, on your body and on your hands. I used to use vaseline moisturisers, but this one tops the whole lot and I use to have the one for hands, the one for feet and the aloe vera one. I love the texture, it absorbs amazingly and you can build up the product as much as you like. It doesn't feel oily on the skin. And I'm the kind of person who is very reluctant to put certain products on my face because I fear I might breakout or something, But this moisturiser is brilliant and it makes the skin feel amazing and moisturises dry skin too. Can't rave about this thing enough.

Overall Rating: 5/5
Would I repurchase: Yes
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes


  1. I love Nivea!!!It smells so nice and moisturizes really well!!Curently try the demake up lotion from Nivea and loving it!!!

  2. oh ic, thank you, I'll definitely try to get my hands on one of those because lately I have been adoring nivea products. :)


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