TIP: Break into / Stretch your shoe to fit perfectly at home

As much as I love shoes, I hate breaking into them, and I hate it even more when they fit tightly. I am recently buying clothes only online, even shoes and I got this pair of shoes which were a little too tight. I came across Michelle Phan [awesome youtuber: CLICK HERE to visit her main channel]'s video which you can see HERE.

Basically, she explains how you can enlarge your shoes so that they can fit better with ice  :D:D I tried it today and it works you guys :D Now I can wear them without hating them for making my toes all squashed. YAY..

Here are my babies just after I took them out of the freezer :D:D


  1. I love your shoes, they are very pretty :)

    xoxo Christine


  2. Thanks :) I bought it from boohoo.com. Their products are so cheap and awesome :) I couldn't find the shoes I bought, I think they're finished as I bought them in june and they were on clearance. Thanks for dropping by sweetie :)

  3. I have heard alot of great things about that site. Need to check it out :)

    You know if they ship to Norway?

    xoxo Christine

  4. apparently they do not, I just checked at the site:

    "We currently do not deliver to the following destinations due to individual country custom requirements;
    Andorra, Canary Islands, Greenland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City State.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

    Sorry, I always thought they shipped throughout Europe, UK and the US, didn't know they had exceptions =/

  5. I will try that!
    I have a shoe stretcher but it just stretches a little bit

  6. @beauty addict
    Actually mine was really tight at the front but it is now so easy to put on :) So it really does work :)

  7. yaayy i have a pair of shoes that i ordered from victoria secret... a lil tight but don't wanna go through sending them back yadda yadda! gonna try this!

    thx for this post!


  8. just placed my new shoes in the freezer hope it works!


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