2010 Favourites!!! :) [pic heavy]

These are my favourite products for 2010, I know I have many, but I adore all of them :)
I love this thing. I use this on my face, body and hands - it is designed to do so -- and the texture is so amazing and fresh.

NYX slim lip  pencils: my 2 personal favourites - rose and natural
duo surgical lash adhesive - the best lash glue ever :)

Nivea sooth and protect lip balm. My lips' best friend - As I'm typing, I have it right next to me.

ELF make up mist and set - I use this daily - it feels fresh and feels much better than model in a bottle. It makes my make up smudge resistant

MODEL IN A BOTTLE make up setting spray - for ultra strong hold I use this one. It makes my make up totally smudgeproof

ELF Powder Brush studio line - the best brush for liquid foundation

ELF kabuki facecbrush - the best brush for applying setting powder

NYX blushes - especially Taupe which I use to contour

ELF luminance healthy glow bronzing powder - I love the glow it gives to my face. Perfect for daytime.

ELF's blending brush regular line - hands down the best brush from their essential line.

ELF's tinted moisturiser in honey spf15. I finished a tube almost and I have one stand by :) It gives a warmth to my face. I use it instead of liquid foundation every single day

ELF complexion perfection. As you can see, I hit pan on this one and I adore it

ELF warm bronzer studio line  - yes I managed to break this *cry*. This has been my best friend to add a warmth and dimension to my face.

ELF wet gloss lash and brow. This baby sets your brows like crazy and lasts all day

The best mascara for volume ever and it DOES NOT clump. But i pair this with other products - It is not my HG mascara because it does not add length.

NYX mega shine lipgloss in smokey look - the perfect gloss ever.

elf zit zapper - dries my annoying zits for cheap and the tube is so handy and portable.

I love NYX lipsticks and my favourite is pumpkin pie - I'm wearing it here :)

This is my hair's best friend - You all know I have long hair and it i shard to maintain and take care of, this awesome jar gives the best nourishing ingredients to my hair and it is a multifunctional product .

I adore elf's mineral eyeshadow primer - the best primer ever.

ELF mineral eyeshadow in angelic. Great for inner corner of the eye and also for highlight on those party nights :)

NYX single eyeshadow in cryptonite - boy do I love this thing - it is a charcoal black with a ton of silver shimmer and looks great w/ smokey eyes

I love ELF's gel liner in black. It has awesome pigmentation and easy to use. Lasts all day. What's not to love?

Infinity liner in midnight - I bought this on ebay and I love this shade - it has awesome pigmentation and looks gorgeous.Lasts all day

This is by far the best hair tool I ever purchased. It is called a triple barrel waver and I have done a tutorial on this on youtube. I love it. And yes I have quite a lot of hair tools.

This is the best working cheapest whitening kit out there. I tried it, and I love it.

I love ELF's nail polishes, Yes they might chip easily but with a top coat it lasts for a very very long time. I am currently wearing the black one.

This false lash applicator I bought on youtube is my best friend when applying falsies, not only does it make it easier to apply but if placed upside down with false lash on, it dries so perfectly. I am planning to do a false lash tutorial real soon, But I have one big problem - my camera is crap. I filmed it twice and I am so disappointed with the camera quality. I have been promising Christine Iversen, a fellow blogger here on blogger world, a tutorial on how to do it but that is my reason I have not done it yet. I think I'll do a video explaining but not really applying it and then I'll add a sort of video showing you how I do it. Hopefully.

This is the 88 warm palette - I love how versatile it is and I love my neutrals so yep this is my eyeshadow best friend.

These are what I call celebrity lashes and they are by far the best lashes I have tried. I bought them on ebay, they are super cheap and they look great on

So that sums up my 2010 favourites. What are your favourites for 2010? Is there anything you dislike or like from my favourites?

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I will not gain in any way through future purposes made. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Great post! You seem to really love ELF but what's not to love?!


  2. yes I do :) there are some products I personally dislike but most of their product are awesome :)

  3. Hi Dyna!

    Awesome choice of products! Hope 2011 brings us more new things to try out!

    Happy New Year :) xxx

  4. I think I am going to have to get some of that eyebrown tamer, seriously this past week one of mine has gone from ok to nuts! Tried using gel and vaseline but neither hold it in place :(

  5. You have a great list of faves! I guess I'm going to have to check out ELF in 2011!

  6. Hi Dyna

    I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award


  7. I just love these old posts of yours Dyna :D


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