ELF REVIEW: 32 limited edition Christmas palette

ELF 32 eye palette.  - I got this for free on ELF UK's promotional offer - but I'm not being paid to review this. I'm just saying my thoughts on this palette before this thing is sold out.

Ok I'm gonna cut to the chase and get to the point.

Eyeshadow texture is a bit powdery but transfers super well to your brush.

The shimmery shades tend to be more pigmented.

There is one glittery shade which feels coarse upon swatching. But I adore it, it does not feel coarse or anything on the eye.

There are too many similar brown shades. Would have appreciated lighter and darker browns.

The colourful shades are brilliant. - At least I like them.

The shimmering silver shades are gorgeous.

There is ONLY one white shimmering shade to hihglight inner crease. Then there are two shades which work OK for highlight. They're quite neutral. You can use them all over.

The supposedly black shade is not so black, it's more of a matte charcoal grey.

There are no matte white shades, no yellowish shades I like for highlight.

There are two gorgeous charcoal shimmering shades: one is sort of greenish, the other has gold glitter. I love them..

There is a super gorgeous rusty shade, a light pink shade an awesome electric blue shade. That's awesome.

BOTTOM LINE: It is NOT the perfect eyeshadow palette because I like lighter shades and I probably would NOT have purchased it, but I must admit, I love having this eyeshadow palette in my collection, I tend to reach for it quite often, especially for green smokey eyes, brown smokey eyes. Actually – I tend to use it for smokey eyes lol because the shades are not so neutral :) and I love that. Who doesn't love a good smokey eye? If you're from the US, you'll get this for even cheaper, so you're luckier :p

FTC DISCLAIMER: I got it for free on a promotional offer by ELF UK but I'm not being paid to review it and am not obliged to review it either. I am not affiliated with ELF.


  1. Yeah I kind of think the same, I wouldnt have bought it. However it will come in useful :)

  2. I'm glad you see it in the same way, because it's a bit awkward to describe it :)

  3. I have to agree to many brown colors. I was glad it cost $5 lol. The 100 palette is way better. Your right Dyna it is really good for smokey eyes!


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