ELF HAUL: feat free 32 palette :]

I have an ELF haul, yep another one! And another one coming. I love that site man, I mean, out of all the products I bought I would say that I was 95% impressed with the products and I shall do favourites posts soon, and what to stay away from. Not to trash certain products, but I found certain products from ELF which where not that good and I prefer other products from ELF also.

Cool bronzer £3.50

Eyebrow kit in medium £3.50

Zit Zapper £1.50

Eyelid Primer £1.50

32 eyeshadow palette £9.00 [but I got it for FREE on a promotional offer. Follow ELF's fanpage to get their first scoop- UK site]

Expect reviews in the coming weeks :)

This is the free palette, how gorgeous is the packaging. It would have made an awesome Christmas Gift. But I'm keeping it to my collection because, HEY, It was ELF's present to me :P

ELF's cool bronzer - which is not so praised but I went for it anyway - because I wanted to. And so far I like it, but I need more time to really get used to it. Then, i shall review it and compare it to ELF's warm bronzer[which I managed to break - Yes, very very sad story.].

ELF's new zit zapper from the regular line.

ELF's regular eyelid primer, I also have the mineral eyeshadow primer and the studio primer. I haven't opened this yet because I have them two opened and it will dry up before I ever use it.

ELF's eyebrow kit in medium. YES, the image is blurry, your eyesight is still good.

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FTC Disclaimer: I have purchased all the products within this post except for the 32 eyeshadow palette which I got for free on a promotional offer. I am not affiliated with ELF and I am reviewing the products out of my free will.


  1. i love the things you ordered. elf has a lot of awesome products in their line :)

    xo Christine


  2. Dyna,

    I got eyebrow kit in medium too! I love it. You know what I did today? I apply the $1 Eyelid primer to my left eye lid, and the $3 eyeshadow primer to the other, just to justify my purchase of the $3 one. I guess the experiment managed to do just that.

  3. Thank you for commenting guys, just to make sure I understood correctly, the eyelid primer is not as good ? because a lot of people were saying the regular one was even better than the mineral and I was very skeptical. Thanks for sharing pepper xx

  4. Cool! can't wait to see that favorites post! ♥


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