False Lashes Introduction + My story with lashes far

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If you're the type of person who has short lashes or love longer looking lashes [who doesn't] then this is the perfect post for you. When I first got into false lashes, I just didn't know what to buy and went to the drugstore and asked for some lashes and glue. BAD IDEA. Click here to read why.

Then I started researching online about them and I decided to buy some cheap ones from ebay and I was very skeptical about the quality. While I don't think it's the best quality, I do believe that they're of high quality and if you don't like reusing your lashes, you should definitely get some of these as they are cheap and look awesome.

If you're looking for an awesome eyelash glue CLICK HERE to see my other post. In the coming days I shall post a ton of different lash sets I bought from ebay, well not a ton really, but quite a lot. Plus, you get 10 pairs of each design and most of them are natural enough not to look like a drag queen, perfect for a night out or daytime event.

With flash, no matter how long and beautiful your lashes are, they tend to look washed out. And if you have short lashes, you can easily look like you're lashless in a photo.

Now, my lower lashes are quite long to be honest, so I never purchased false lower lashes. The blog posts I will post soon are only for upper lashes :) Ok I have said more than enough for now. This is only an introduction to my future lash posts :) So stay tuned guys, thank you for reading and follow me for more xx

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  1. Please do a video about putting on false lashes. I want to learn how to :)

    xo Christine


  2. I'll definitely try to do that as soon as I can Christine :) Because it really is quite hard to do :) I'll definitely keep you updated. Thanks Christine xx


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