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This is Shabby guys from Shabby Make Up and More.

Dyna asks: Tell us something about your blog. :)

I would like to thank Dyna for inviting me to be a guest blogger on her site.

I wanted to start a blog to help all the lovely ladies in the world with new makeup techniques that I have learnt over the years. I also wanted to write about different skin conditions. I noticed many blogs only wrote about makeup, not about the skin. If you don't know your skin, you can't really wear makeup properly.

My sister suffers from Psoriasis, and my mom has Eczema and they would ask me what I would recommend for them to do. I figured there were many people who have the same skin conditions and thought it would help them.

I am also very interested in making my own natural skin care products. I hope to write more about that in the future.

Dyna asks: Tell us something about yourself. Anything you like. Not blog related. Anything about you :)

I was born on December 20, 1985. I grew up on a little farm in Alberta, Canada, I am the second child out of four. I have a older sister (27), younger sister(19) and then my one and only baby brother(18)

I think I was 14 or 16 when I first wore makeup, and it was a baby blue eyeshadow. I wore it all the time!. I started my first class of Cosmetology in 2001. I did not enjoy the hair side, only the esthetic's part. I enrolled into a Esthetic's school in 2007; it was a six month program. A few weeks after I gratuated, I started my first job at a spa. I loved it!.

Fast forward two years, and this is where my lil Mr. Shabby makes his first apperance, May 1, 2009. My life has never been the same! Mr.Shabby and I are currently planning a wedding. It's been three years in the making. I'm hoping next year is the year we finally get married!!!

I am a very simple person. I'm not into the big name brands. I like to keep everything on a budget. Even our grocery list has a budget. I'm a big control freak! It has to be done my way. Mr.Shabby won't even vacuum because he doesn't get the vacuum lines right. I know, controlling!

Now you have a little insight about my life and my blog.
Thank you.
Shabby Makeup

Dyna says: Why I like to follow Shabby and why I think my followers should check her blog out too.

I love Shabby's blog reviews, she seems like a bargain shopper but still looks for quality. She's a very sweet girl and she values her followers :) She reviews new products and gives a ton of skincare information which is easy to read and understand. She's definitely worth checking out. Plus, if you guys are interested she also is having an ELF GIVEAWAY at the moment, and you all know I'm a huge fan of ELF cosmetics :)

Thanks Shabby for being my featured blog for the week xxx


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