Gorgeous Gel nail extensions on my mum :)

These are photos of my mum's gel nails with a french manicure tip and black stripes. And yes, I done them for her :)

These are the nail stickers used. It's a sort of tape form and super easy to use. I bought a black and a white one. I bought them from ebay x

FTC Disclaimer: No one is paying me to do this post and bought all the material myself.


  1. Looking great>>>Thanks for sharing honey:))

  2. wow awesome! i follow u from italy :D

  3. @ Rakshanda : thanks sweety xx

    @ Alessandra : that's so nice. Io parlo pocissimo italiano :) ma capisco quasi tutto.

    Thanks for following xxx

  4. They look great! Is the tape sticker single or double like on your mothers fingers?

  5. it's single enigma. But it's easy to do double parallel :)

  6. Ahh I see, well it really does look good :) x

  7. Does it go off when you wash your hands?

  8. I put a top coat that dries with uv light and no it doesn't that way but it would peel if you don't put a top coat on :)


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