HAUL: 20 pairs ebay false lashes !!

I have a haul for you guys today :):) I received these a couple of days ago in the mail.

The following are what I call celebrity lashes. These are lashes which are used a lot amongst celebrities, because they look dramatic without looking fake, if you get what I mean. The strip is transparent, so if you have a problem with the black strip on false lashes, these might become your faves. Looking at them upclose, they look like various size individual lashes glued to the strip.

Here are some photos:

These next ones are the super natural lashes. And to all of you who find it hard to find the most appropriate lashes for daytime, these babies are perfect for that. I actually found them a little too natural so I applied mascara on top of them. YES. I have used these already.. BUT I forgot to take photos. *slaps hand*.

This is how they look.

Yes the box came squashed for some reason but the lashes were in perfect condition


I'll definitely take some photos of these lashes to show you how they look on the eyes.

Thanks for reading guys. xxx

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I will not gain in any way through future purposes made. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. so pretty, i need to buy a set and try them out. Yes please post a picture showing us how these lashes look. The natural and the dramatic lashes :)

    xo Christine


  2. I love them! Just bought 20 pairs!!!! Can't wait to see what they look like on you.

  3. Hey Christine :) I will do as soon as I use them. :) and I haven't forgotten about the how to video :) it's still on my mind don't you worry.

    @Shabby. They are super pretty and it doesn't get cheaper than that :) I'm pretty sure you'll like them :)

  4. Those look really pretty! I bought lashes on eBay before though and I felt like the hairs themselves were really fake looking and shiny, so you must have got a good batch!

  5. I have a new obsession with lashes so i love this post! xx

  6. @ Michelle: actually, I find them natural looking. I bought lashes from ebay before and I never found them glossy. But that's just me. Also, if you find the lashes glossy, all you have to do is coat them with mascara, that will not only blend your lashes together but also tone the gloss down. Thanks for dropping by :) xxx

  7. I can never seem to apply false lashes correctly, i need to buy some cheapies and practice and then i can invest in some trusty one as i think there so so beautiful!

    I'm having a Christmas Giveaway btw if your interested!? xx

  8. @courtzmelv : thanks for commenting. I am planning to film a how to video on putting false lashes this weekend and I hope to post it sometime next week. I found it hard too at firstto get used to them but now Ithink I know a lot of tricks I have never seen on youtube orany other blog and I will be more than glad to pass them on to you guys.

  9. Oh wow~ great haul!
    I'm tempted to buy the 60 pair deal on eBay! >_<" but i don't know if they're worth it? What's the quality like for these lashes? :)


  10. Hi Jen, I actually don't like the 60 pairs you get with the deal to be hones.. they're a little too dramatic.. Sometimes ebay lashes are glossy but you can just take the gloss of with mascara.. :))


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