How to: Trash Painful Hurtful Comments

Hey guys, I am writing this post because I honestly think this is a necessity. I commented on a post by the lovely Shabby from Vyile and she emailed me back saying that someone said a comment which she found hurtful. I'm not focusing on her, because I believe it is a very personal thing for her and she should be the one to talk about it.

There are so so many people out there who just say random comments and they are so so hurtful. And to all of those who have been through something like this, I just wanted to share something with you. Today my 10 year old cousin came to my house and at one point she said "eww, look your hands are so bony". Now to say this politely, she went past the point of healthy weight years ago. To that comment I answered, "Well it's better than having a bunch of fat in your hands" - Now of course I'm translating - I speak Maltese at home. And she replied "but not like that, your hands look so disgusting". It was so so hurtful to me, I was praying she's leave as soon as she can and as soon as I told my mum what she said I burst out crying because I felt like some disgusting weirdo.

Now for me, my hands are not exactly gorgeous looking, I don't like them. BUT. that is no way to talk to someone. I was raised by the loving parents who have NEVER addressed someone in that way - no matter what defects or whatever they had. They thought me to be polite and I just think it is highly inappropriate to say something like that to someone's face - even if the though crosses my mind.

Now this is me up here and looking at the photo, people who have been having weight issues may think "I would love to look like that" but I just wanted to let you know that no matter how slim you are, people are still going to say hateful words to you.

SOLUTION: trash hurtful comments - I know it's hard  but try - for YOU

So if you want to lose some weight, do it ONLY for you. Because if you want to please people, you'll never ever be satisfied. People will ALWAYS find something to try to break you down. So just try your best to be confident and just be YOU because that's the best you will ever be. So I hope you have read this and if this post inspired one person in the world, then I have served my purpose :D xxxx

Love you all guys,
and thanks for supporting me and just allowing me to be ME. xxx

Dyna xxx


  1. I'd rather have bony hands rather than pudgy hands any day~ XD

  2. Great advice Dyna! I agree completely. I also believe that when you focus on what others want and believe to be true all the time you start to lose sight of what is important to you. Your focus becomes something that you wouldn't have cared about otherwise. Someone once told me I had a big nose and it still bothers me somewhat. I had never seen it before then! Once I realized I was focusing so much on this one hurtful comment I felt vain and stupid for caring about something so unimportant. Generally - I find that people who have to make hateful comments have some serious insecurities of their own. I just remind myself that when someone says something hurtful to me now.

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  4. "People will ALWAYS find something to try to break you down."



  5. Thanks you for this post! It is so important to me to be positive. I know how much it can hurt when people say rude things to you. When I comment on other people's blogs, I try to always make positive statements. I want to spread happiness, not make people sad or angry!

  6. I agree with Stavroula on this matter... you we have an expression in Maltese (taf fejn ghandek tistmom??? lol) make good use of it!! :) xxx

  7. Your right, you have to do things for you and ignore the crap no matter how painful. xx


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