My Christmas Nails :)

These  are my nails for Christmas. They're gel and I did them myself. I used these glitter chips and flowers I hauled about in THIS POST.

I also did my mum's nails and I'll make a post soon about it. 

FTC Disclaimer: I bought everything myself and am not paid to do this post.


  1. Wow!I am a Glitter Junkie and those little Glitter chips are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.Doing Gel Nails yourself must be such a blessing,because they are quite expensive at the Nail-Salon.

    Have a great,Glittery (!!!!) Christmas Dyna !

  2. Thanks sweety :) Yup, actually I am thinking about doing posts on how to do them yourself at home and things you can buy from ebay, That's what I use anyway :) the glitter chips are not very easy to work with I must admit, but it was my first time using them, I'll see if I find a trick or something when using them :)
    Thanks for commenting hun x

  3. I would so like you to do a tutorial on how to do gel nails. I have actually been on eBay the past few days checking things out but I think I need an idiot guide to sort of thing!

    These nails you have done though are lovely, I wasnt sure how you would go about using the chips but they look great the way you have done them :)

  4. I'll definitely take that into consideration enigma. I think I'll do a how to post after all :D:D and what products I use. The glitter chips are definitely hard to work with though I need to get used to them :D

  5. Oh I didnt mean with the chips, I mean that would be interesting as well but I meant how to do your own gel nails at home. :)

  6. Lol yes that's what I meant too. I can undertsand why you find that confusing. I tend to shift from one thing to another haha.


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