My ELF wishlist - anything you'd recommend guys?

You guys all know how much I love elf - and yep some products are not that great but the vast majority of products I have from their site are really great. So this is my current ELF wishlist and I know some stuff are out of stock on ELF UK and some products haven't been launched on ELF UK, but that's where the *wish* part comes along. I will probably not purchase the whole lot at one go - I'll probably end up narrowing it down. But I'm hoping ELF UK will get their 100,000 likes on facebook, because there's a surprise offer I believe. I hope it's a good one and the items I really want are in stock. If you love or hate any of the following products please do tell me, and if you have any recommendations feel free to bring them forward.

blush and bronzer duo
studio stipple brush
peachy keen studio blush
mineral booster in sheer lge
eye crease brush
earth and water mascara duo in noire
boldly bronzed shimmer eyeliner pencil
mineral eyeliner in coffee
Brightening Eye Liner in coffee
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in coffee and black
Elf studio blush brush
lucious liquid lipstick in strawberry
bamboo angled brush
seductive elf lipstick
e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection
e.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in iconic ivory
e.l.f. Studio Matte Eyeshadow in nude
e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation in sand/ buff
e.l.f cream blush in heartbreaker

what's on your ELF wishlist?


  1. I love the stipple brush, it's so soft. I only used it twice but I love it. Also the flawless foundation is amazing!!!! My color is sand and it's perfect! I have so many wishlists on the go from there it changes every day lol

  2. The mineral booster is quite nice there is no better product in that price range.

  3. I definitely have my eye on that stipple brush :) what do you use it for shabby?

    And I definitely am getting the mineral booster in sheer next time, I have it in tinted already but everyone raves about the sheer one, am definitely trying it out :)

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  5. I only have some of these so this is what I think about them
    -earth and water mascara: I don't like the brush very much, it's too small for me.
    -Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: if you have the gel liners, you don't need these.
    -studio blush brush: great quality, super soft as all the brushes but it may be smaller than you think. I mean my sister finds it too small to blend the blush but I think it's fine.
    The new products are in my wishlist too :-)

  6. Oh ic thanks so much natalie :) I actually I heard about the blush brush being too small but I'd use it for highlight if it's too small so that's not a problem :)Thanks for being so helpful xx

  7. I got the stipple brush through a few days ago. Still playing about with it, it does seem to be ery floppy though and not very dense the way in which the studio powder brush is. I got the crease brush too :)

    I think that there is some kind of laws surrounding the sun protecting powder and the UK so they might have problems getting that in stock.

    Love love love the mineral booster! The waterproof eyeliner pens are amazing too :)

    On my wishlist is the new foundation too, wonder what they will do for 100,000 likes?!

  8. Thanks enigma, will definitely take this into consideration. I am so looking forward to the promotional code. I'm scared it won't be worth it- I mean I love elf uk don't get me wrong but if I had the opportunity I would buy from the us site because their stuff is much cheaper and they do get awesome sales.

  9. Yes being in the UK has draw backs! Are you not able to order from the US site being where you are? Suppose the euro and sterling are about the same these days. America always gets cheaper things!

  10. Nope I can't buy from the US because I fall under Europe :/ Even make up from stores, here in Malta we get everything like 3 times more expensive - no joke. I bought a maybelline lipstick for like €4 [on ebay and shipping included] and the same lipstick retailed at 12.50 in a particular store :/

  11. The bronzer blush duo is amazing! I love the Pink Passion studio blush.


  12. Thanks Savannah, I have nyx pinky which is very similar to pink passion and I actually bought it because pink passion was out of stock at the time. Will definitely repurchase that once I finish my nyx pinky :)

  13. Wish I had some suggestions, but I don't :( I'm new to your blog, I'll have to browse thru it to see what ELF products you have reviewed. I'm not a huge ELF fan, but am always interested to see what other people rave over!

  14. i do reccomend you the studio blush brush and the mineral booster!
    and also seductive, nice lipstick :)
    this is my blog! it is in italian but you'll findmany pictures of elf products in it!

  15. Nice wishlist ;) You propably know I'm obsessed with the mineral booster! :) Here's my elf wishlist :

    - Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection
    - Studio Flawless Finish Foundation in Buff
    - Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn
    - Studio Cream Blush in ? (I haven't chosen a shade yet lol)
    - Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in Blissful Berry


  16. Haha yeah, im in love with the aqua set, i need it :) haha

    xo Christine


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