My Non-Glamorous Imperfectly Perfect Random Life

Some people have voted for more “life posts” on my blog and this is the first out of many. The poll is still there on your right hand side if you want to take part :) I'll be posting 5 Random things about me every now and then. I decided to keep them short because I hate super long posts so I won't bore you out. I bet a lot of people have a wrong impression of me. I don't live a glamorous life, I cut my own hair, I dye my own hair, do my own nails and make up and I work for my own money. Nobody does that for me. I do all that because I want to and I like doing it, even though sometimes things get on my last nerve. So these are some random facts about me I felt I should share with you guys, I tag all of my followers to do this because it's fun reading random stuff about other lovely bloggers.


#1 . I have done waitressing. And let me tell you. It's hard. But worth it, at least I have had a taste at the harder side of life. And one day, if I'll get a “better” job [not that waitressing is inferior or anything] I'll be grateful for that job.

#2 . I used to bite my nails, until I started having gel extensions done. I then bought the stuff and started doing them myself.

#3 . I'm currently doing a course at the University of Malta, Communications with English. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing in a couple of years and I don't even want to think about it, because I'm not sure, honestly. So if anyone out there feels the same, you're not alone :) But it's ok, I mean I don't know what opportunities will come to me and that's the beauty in life, SURPRISE, SURPRISE. :)

#4 . Now this is no surprise to you, I love make up :D BUT. Only during this past year I have become obsessed with make up and actually learned how to use it properly. I have had many make up fails and many photos I never want to see again.

# 5 . I used to bite my toe nails. YES. I'm gross but whatever. Just after I showered, my toes would look so tempting and I would just bite my nails like it's nobody's business. I'm not sure why I don't do it anymore but I used to hate socks and I wear them all the time now because my feet get so cold, so I guess I can't see my tempting toe nails now. And they're covered in nail polish most of the time, that's so not yummy :P

After that weird random last one, Tataaaa x)
P.S. To all my 92 followers you're soooo sooo awesome guys xxxxx
If you have any requests feel free to bring them forward I'll try my best to help you out :)

Lots of virtual hugs and kisses,
Your Random Blogger,


  1. It's great to know you a little better! I am your new follower now~Hope you follow me back too^^


  2. Lol! You must be rather bendy to nibble your toe nails! xx

  3. Let me guess Enigma, you tried it didn't you? :P Just joking haha. Yeah I WAS pretty bendy when I was like 10 now I can't even touch my toe nails with my legs straight. Yep I used to cheat in PE in secondary school. haha.

  4. Yeah I'm the same, super bendy and the gymnastic type when I was a kid. Now, not at all! xx


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