REVIEW: ELF regular / essentials eyeliner brush

Hello guys, I am going to keep this review short, this is my biggest disappointment from elf ever. Now I'm a huge ELF fan, but boy do I hate this brush. It seems like it has been cut. It is way too thick to apply liner. It absorbs the product instead of applying. It stains easily- you can see the black at the tip. The only thing I use this for now is to apply concealer around the lips when I'm wearing a bright or red lip, but I would never ever recommend it, and I will not repurchase. Sorry ELF.

If you're looking for a good eyeliner brush, try ELF's studio line angled eyeliner brush. I have miniature versions of it and I love it. But this one, stay away.

FTC Disclaimer: I bought it myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated w/elf. This is my experience with the product and my personal opinion.


  1. awww im sorry to hear that. I will not buy this brush :)

    xo Christine

  2. Totally agree! Although this is good for pushing in eyeshadow on the lower lashline, you should try it :)

  3. Oh thats really odd, the brush in the pictures certainly looks cut off. I have two of these and the bristles look longer. Admitedly its not the best brush in the world what with it staining and absorbing but its not terrible for applying gel liner. It is good for the lower lashline, I agree too :D

  4. I was even gonna buy that brush, you just saved me $1. It doesn't even look like a good brush for liner!

  5. Not really into makeup wonder why haha, but gorgeous blog and you look like your really good at writing reviews!


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