TAG: 15 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Savannah from Glamorous Girl 2014 to do this tag :D:D

Rules: Come up with 15 random facts about yourself and share them with the blog world!
After doing this post tag 5 other bloggers to do this!

Here are my 15 facts:

1. I love cola bottles - the sweets I mean.

2. I love to sing. I used to go to singing lessons but gave up on the lessons. Singing is still my passion though and in fact I would love to hear your thoughts on my singing. Because I like to see other feedback. If you hate my singing please say so and please tell me if you like it. I promise I will not get offended, as long as you say it politely lol. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO HERE

3. I am single and I'm not a loser. LOL. And I hate it when people are like - when are you gonna find yourself a boyfriend?

4. I hate first dates. They're ultra awkward.

5. I hate it when a lot of people stare at me. I automatically think something is wrong with me. Don't get me wrong - I don't like being ignored.

6. I am auditioning tomorrow for a Maltese program that makes these artistic shoots. And I am not one bit nervous. Not because I'm overconfident or anything - I just don't think I digested the fact that there are going to be cameras and stuff. Oh boy.

7. I don't think I'm a girly girl even though I love girly stuff I'm not stuck up or anything.

8. Around two months ago my mum found this amazingly cute stray dog and I treat her like a baby and I love her so so much.

9. I am not a party girl, I love to dance at clubs and stuff but I'm not the type who's gonna drink till they throw up.

10. Speaking of clubs, in Malta you can get in clubs once you're 17. I live in Malta and I have only been to Sicily by catamaran. So I have NEVER been on an airplane.

11. I hate scarves. They just look wrong on me

12. I love summer and I hate winter. I don't get the *I love staying in for cosy nights* - I hate my frozen cold feet in winter. But I could write a whole blog post about this.

13. I don't have a favourite colour. I don't have a fav blush, a fav colour lippie or a fav mascara. I just love trying new shades, looking different and stuff.

14. I just won another giveaway by Eyelining and other makeup obsessions and I am so so happy. I feel so lucky. I do not consider myself lucky so that is so so awesome for me.

15. I don't like techno and house music. I just hate listening to it. I love a song I can sing to and scream my lungs out at.

So I never really play by the rules so I choose 10 bloggers I'm tagging:
Cooking Chincillas
[jardelle if you're reading I can never comment on your posts somehow - I cannot scroll down to enter the spam code thing - so I can never comment. and I'm telling you here because I cannot contact you otherwise]



who have been tagged by Savannah, I also TAG you.

I also tag all of my followers to do this, so feel free :D xxx
hope you enjoyed reading.
It's 10.58 here in Malta at the moment
and I salute ya xxxx

Dyna xxx


  1. Thanks for tagging me!! I'll do it as soon as I can :)

    Good luck for your audition! I hate techno and house as well and congrats for winning the giveaway :) xx

  2. thanka gertrude you're so sweet :)

  3. You live in Malta? Lucky girl! <3 I've been there once and loved it

  4. Thank you for tagging me Dyna :) Watch out for it in the next few days :) xx

  5. Thanks 4 tagging me sweety , I will post mine very soon ! xoxo

  6. Thanks for the tag I will do it shortly. Have you singing videos on youtube?

  7. hey enigma I have a couple of oldish ones on my youtube channel here : http://youtube.com/xxxdynaxxx :)

  8. Your voice is beautiful, i really like it :)
    I love to sing too, its so much fun, but my voice isn't as good as yours :)

    xo Christine

  9. Thanks Christine that's very nice of you. I'm sure your voice is gorgeous just like you are :)
    About that false lash tutorial, I filmed it - and I edited it but haven't finished it yet. But it is still on my mind xx

  10. Thanks girl!! :D I got tagged by Enigma as well! ;) I'm doing the tag now!

    How did the audition go? I hate winter as well, unless it's snowing! lol


  11. hey stavroula actually it went pretty great, but i don't know if i were chosen or not - and they will narrow the group down so i won't know if i'm chosen for a while, thx for asking though, that's very sweet of you x

  12. @Laura: you're more than welcome xxx

    @Stavroula: Tnx sweety xx


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