TAG: My Perfect Imperfections

This is one of my favourites of the photoshoot I have done recently :)

I love this tag, I love reading other people say what they like and don't like about themselves. Basically you say 3 things you don't like and another 3 that you do like. I TAG all of my followers to do this. And if you do it, feel free to comment below with a link, because I'd love to read what you have to say :)

So I'm gonna start with the things I don't like about me:

[1] I hate my wrists , they are so skinny and everytime someone would tell me “hey, look at your hands they're so skinny”. I feel like a freak. But I honestly eat quite a lot. I just don't gain weight. I also tend to lose my appetite super quick, so I immediately lose weight if I'm super busy or something like that.

[2] I hate my broken tooth. Oh I broke my tooth when I was 11 or twelve I think. And I broke it on a slip way and the last time I had it filled, which was when I was 14, the idiot dentist made my tooth slanting and awkwardly looking I just hate it. Everytime I have a picture smiling I'm so conscious. Even on youtube videos, that's why I don't do them often because of that. Darn you stupid dentist. Oh and the idiot realised what mistake he had done and he tried buffering the next tooth. And I didn't feel it because my mouth was numb. And against my tongue I can feel it now.

[3] Another thing I hate is my stick straight short lashes. My friend has the most gorgeous lashes ever and girl, I love you, but I'm jealous. Not jealous, but honestly I just love her lashes.

Ok now onto the things I like about me

[1] I love my natural long hair. Yes I'm quite openly obsessed with the length of my hair. I don't go to hairdressers anymore, I cut it myself. I don't trust you evil hairdressers :P

[2] I like my long legs, I like to show them off :) And no I'm not a slut and I don't dress like one. But I love to show off my long legs.

[3] I love the proportionality of my figure. And this is going to sound like I'm boasting. Oh wait. I am :P No, but seriously it is something I like. I love how even though I am slim, I'm not boobless and I have a wider hips. So yes, I like that about me.

Final Note: As long as you're confident with whatever you've got, not many people will notice the flaws you obsess with. And yes, I don't think I'm perfect but I love being who I am and I embrace every flaw, physical or not, because it makes me who I am.


  1. Fun tag! I love these tags where you get to learn more about people. I love long legs too!! ..But too bad I don't have them. =\

  2. hey kali, you can definitely "fake" long legs. Wear nude heels, wear striped leggings. The stripes have to be vertical. And wear shorter skirts or shorts. If you don't think they suit you, try longer shirts over leggings. :) These things usually do the trick :) Thanks for commenting hun x

  3. That blue dress is on point! Looks like something I would wear. I'm a new follower, come check me out sometime :)

  4. That blue dress is on point! Looks like something I would wear. I'm a new follower, come check me out sometime :)


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