WINTER HAUL: Boohoo order

Hey guys I have a haul for you today. It's my first *clothes haul* on my blog. I obviously have more clothes in my wardrobe, but this is what I got in my last order. These are similar to other things Ii have in my wardrobe so I hope you like them. I have purchased from this site multiple times [I think around 5-6 times] and I love their products but am not so keen on their customer service. It is a UK based company but ships almost worldwide: see their info on their site HERE. Now I was going to take photos, and I actually did, but they looked bad on camera and on the hanger so I *borrowed* photos from their site. No copyright infringement intended and if you're interested you can click on photo for direct link. I also bought a waist belt for my mum and another pair of tights but both are out of stock now so couldn't find a photo. Perhaps I'll feature them in future posts. I recommend joining the OFFICIAL BOOHOO FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for scoops on deals and promotional offers x

This is my favourite out of the bunch, I got a discount on it due to a promotion and I got it for £16. It looks amazing on and I shall post an OOTD w/ it soon.

These are leopard party legging, they look so cute on, I would wear this under a long top or under a dress.I am not a fan of the all over sequin, it makes it a bit uncomfortable to wear but it does look great.

This is the cutest lil ring ever, I was inspired by Kandee Johnson to get one of these and I got this for £3 because they were BOGO at the time.

I love this little thing here, I got it for £15, because it was a deal of the day,  I didn't realise it was not going to be shorter but I love it regardless :D

These are the most comfortable tights I own and they look so cute. You have to see them in person though.

This was for my mum. It looks so cute on her

I haven't worn these yet but they look great in the packaging.

You have seen this in my previous posts, it's the cutest lil band ever. It doesn't feel like it's squashing my brains.

FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated w/ boohoo and all of the items have been bought by my own money. I am not paid to do this post.


  1. The ring and the jacket looks gorgeous! Been eying boohoo for quite a while but never bought anything! x

  2. Hey Gertrude, It depends on your personality I guess, I'm the type who prefers to buy stuff online rather than in a shop, I love the products and the price is so cheap. But sometimes the fit is not as good as what you might hope for, so you should be careful. But I definitely recommend the products, as for the customer service - not so much.

  3. I love the ring and leather jacket :) I checked that website a while ago, they dont ship to Norway :(

  4. how lovely! the legging is really cute

    btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway

  5. Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


  6. Those leggings are dreamy! It's screams, "RAWR!" lol. I also like how elegant the dress it. :) The leather jacket is so cool! I've always wanted to have a leather jacket. <3

    Great picks! I know what you mean about companies with bad customer service. it's just... uck!


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