Why use two mascaras at one go ? #Tip

On my lips In my photoshoot up here I'm wearing:
NYX slim lip pencil in coral
NYX round lipstick in orange soda
NYX mega shine lipgloss in smokey look.

I'm also wearing my spike lashes I bought from ebay, which I'll talk about soon in a post :)
Flash photography was used here by Krista Aquilina so the make up looks a little washed out - in person it was a tad bit more dramatic.
Moral of the story: when you're going for an event in which you're going to take lots of photos - be a tad bit more dramatic with your make up :) Ok - this wasn't the actual tip I wanted  to talk about but nevermind.

SOOOO, I know I'm not supposed to be here - should be studying and all that. But shhh don't tell anyone. Anyway, yesterday I was reading Lipgloss and Leopard Print's collection of her followers best beauty tips - and I came across these two:

"Roshni: Wear two different mascaras - One lenghtening and one volumising - Your lashes will look fake!

Gaby: I like to use two mascaras at once: I start with a lengthening one and then finish with a volumizing one.. It works wonders!"

Now I have been using 2 mascaras at one time for quite a long time and your lashes WILL look fake - that is, good fake haha. 
But I usually start with the  volumising mascara and then continue with the lengthening one. 

TODAY, I tried Gaby's advice on one eye, first the lengthening and then the volumising.
The other - I applied it as usual. 

And Gaby's advice just did not work for me for 2 reasons:

1. I need a darn good lift and hold with my mascara because they just stay straight. So my lashes were evidently much heavier with this application.

2. I find it messier with having to apply the volumising one after the lengthening one, because you have to wiggle the brush with the volumising one in order to make the lashes look fuller and get the product in there. And I got too much product on my lid. ugh.

But it was worth trying out and I definitely think using 2 different function mascaras works wonders - so both girls were right :)

P.S. For reference I am currently using L'Oreal's Voluminous Original Mascara and L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes Mascara.


  1. Great tips!! Happy studying ;P x

  2. I know my comment has nothing to do with this blog post, but your hair is so beautiful! I just chopped off a lot of my hair. And now I want to grow it out again so it looks like yours! hehe.:)

  3. Oh you are so pretty in this picture,
    love your eye-lashes.

  4. that's so sweet anna, they're actually falsies and I shall do a full blog post about them cuz I love them so much. And they're not even expensive :D:D

  5. Good review but I hope it works cos I lyk my lashes fake luknq..;D


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