BIOLASH FINAL REVIEW - lash lengthening product

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About 2 months ago I bought this product on ebay which claimed to works as well as lilash, and me, being a bargain shopper bought it. It claims to work with natural ingredients as opposed to lilash which contains an ingredient which is controversial.

Application. It is not easily to apply. The tube is just like a lipgloss tube and the sponge absorbs too much product. The product stinks. And if you get it in your eye, which trust me is not that hard, it will make your eyes all teary and stuff. My eyes aren't that sensitive in the first place but as a lash lengthening product, I expected it to be eye friendly. And I'm not talking dropping drops in your eye, but a faint hint of product. So yeah. The applicator is a big no no to me, it is clumsy to use, I mean I would have preferred it to be a thin tip just like a liquid liner's.

Confession. After about 3 weeks of constant use, I hated the product so much, I refrained from using it for about a week or so. So this might have affected the final result. But, honestly, in a world where I always forget something at home, not putting it on constantly is normal to me.

RESULTS: I have surprisingly seen less eyelashes shed from my eye and they seem to be a little, if any, healthier BUT I have seen very little lengthening and the lengthening only happened on a couple of lashes - not the whole lot.

BOTTOM LINE: I think there are way better products out there and I am honestly not impressed with this product, so much so, it is a part of my PRODUCTS I REGRET BUYING list. Sorry ebay seller. [Having said that, perhaps that week in which I have not used it affected the final result.] I also did not finish the whole tube because everytime I put it on - I end up having this really bad reaction to it.. and my eyes will tear up uncontrollably. But there was only little product left.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Thanks Dyna!! Same to you :)

    Never heard about this product .. great review! x

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  3. Sorry i removed my other comment above as this is the blog account i use- that one is more or less empty lol

    Thanks, needed a review on this before i bought it. I really want to try lilash but the side affect of bruising/ eye bags look awful and id prefer my perfectly fine lashes how they are rather than being greedy for longer lashes and in return getting permanent panda eyes lol. Does any one know of a good eye lash and eye brow growth product that works and doesn't have the darkening side affect?

    1. I much prefer the Catrice lash growth serum, I'm not sure if you an get that, but I quite like it and it works :D x


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