Look what I got in the mail !! [ thanks to Claire :D ]

Look what I got in the mail guys just a few weeks ago :D:D I'm so excited to have won this giveaway held by Claire of Eyelining and other obsessions :):) I think she's one of the first bloggers I followed and discovered and she's great and her blog is brilliant :D Definitely worth checking out guys ;) She held a giveaway to thank her followers and I was the lucky winner :D:D  aaand Here's what I got :)

She packaged everything so brilliantly, everything came in perfect condition :D:D

Vaseline lip therapy with rose and almond oil - have been using this every single day

I know it looks red, but it's more of a rosy pink in person :) Loving this

No7 Mirrorball highlighter

I fell in love with this thing upon swatching - it's the most perfect higlighter for night outs :D:D

Two glam crystals glitter eyeliners - these look so gorgeous in person but I haven't been able to use them as I'm stuck inside with exams and all that. So I am officially a temporary boring nerd. haha

she got me this limited edition 4-shade nail polishes by no.7

you can see the shades better here. I have already tried warm gold and night night. Haven't yet tried gold dust and secrets - but I'm so looking forward to it :) These shades are perfect for winter :) I am currently wearing night night. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S

The most famous Chanel nail polish dupe - Dusky Mauve by Barry M.. it's a gorgeous shade - but again haven't used it yet - but it's definitely a shade i'll be loving :D

i love palmer's products and this is no different - plus it doesn't make your hands feel yucky and gross like other hand moisturisers :D

Thank you so much Claire, I'm definitely loving everything and I feel so lucky to have won xxx
I love that she got me some stuff I cannot get my hands on here in Malta :):):)

That's it guys,
I have a couple of days to study for my final exam and then exams are finished !!!

Thanks for your lovely comments and feedback,

you always make me smile :D:D xxxx

Peace OUT XD


FTC Disclaimer: I did not pay for anything in this post. Claire of Eyelining and other obsessions did. It was a giveaway win and I randomly won. I am not paid to do this post, nor am I asked or obliged to make a post about the giveaway or to promote Claire's blog. I'm doing this out of my own will and as a little thank you to Claire for having this giveaway.


  1. congrats sweetie, awesome prizes you got :)

  2. Thanks Christine <3<3 I was very lucky indeed :)

  3. Hi Dyna :)
    I'm a new follower and i don't write english that good, but i hope that you can read the next lines ;)
    Vaseline is actually not good for your lips because it's made of petroleum. It's not BAD for your lips, but it isn't hydrating your lips. It just makes a layer on your lips, so you feel like it's helping on dry lips. (Ooops, I said lips way to many times! ;) )
    That is why you feel like, you are a bit (hm.. is it called depending? When you feel like you must have it every minute).
    So it doesn't hydrate your lips, as you would think it would. :)

  4. Hi hunny.. I heard that before, but surprisingly, when I have chapped lips they get better when I use vaseline :) I don't know haha, I think my lips don't need as much hydrating lol


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