Look what I got in the mail !! [ thanks to Ursula :D ] - [photo heavy !!]

A couple of weeks ago I took part in Ursula's blog's closed giveaway. Her blog is ILLUSTROUS LOVES. Definitely worth checking out. She's the kind of person that could easily be your best friend. Her posts are awesome, and she's ever so sweet.

Here is my massive box of goodies the lovely Ursula packaged so brilliantly :)
So I was lucky enough to win the actual giveaway, and I was so so thrilled when I found I had this huuuuuge box waiting for me to open. Take a look w/ me guys:

So here's what's in the box. - Just kidding - Scroll down to see what was actually in this now empty box :)

This is Kajal Saffron liner in black - I have never owned something like this before, the twist up lipsticky pointed tip liner is definitely something I'm going to experiment with :)

This is MAX FACTOR's Masterpiece High Definition Mascara in black

MAX FACTOR Lasting Performance foundation in shade #100 fair - I'll probably use this for highlighting :)

Accessorize's Nail Polish in Mermaid - the picture doesn't even start doing this little baby justice. it's a gorgeous greenish blue turquoise with gold glitter :):) very excited to use this :)

EYEKO  line and shine duo colour pencil for eyes Electric Purple and Plum - awesome to use as a base :)

MAX FACTOR's dip in eyeshadow in shade #08 moody blue - I already used this - so stay tuned for a future post on it :)

EYEKO fat balm in cherry - can be used on cheeks and lips - it's a pretty deep red :)

EYEKO's London Lips Lip Gloss in shoreditch - I'm in love with this shade and this gloss :) a very very gorgeous rosy pink

ACCESSORIZE volumising mascara in Jet Black - looking forward to try this out too :)

MAX FACTOR's lash lift waterproof volume and lift mascara in black

EYEKO's petite polish for french nails - very pretty pale milky baby pink.

MAX FACTOR's max effect lip gloss in shade #10 Orange Smack - I'll be using this when I'm in a daring mood because there are chunks of glitter - So it's something I'll use for something artistic. Or as a base for glitter :) This is a very pigmented orange gloss with chunks of gold glitter.

AVON 's perfect wear liquid liner - I like avon's supershock mascara, so I am definitely looking forward to try this out :)

This is MAX FACTOR lipfinity lip colour in shade # 020 Angelic - I have tried this - but you'll have to wait for a full review guys, because there are so many things I want to say about it haha :)

MAX FACTOR lipfinity lip colour in shade #125 Burnished

Accessorize's Icon eyeshadow in shade # 2 - Ultra Violet - this arrived broken - but I'll work around it because the shade is so so gorgeous, I can't even describe how much I love the shade :)

MODELS OWN: nail polish in shade NP 095 Juicy Jules - a very pretty silvery glittery shade :)

ACCESSORIZE eyeshadow shade #5 Golden Brown. As soon as I saw this I fell in love. It's a mineralised eyeshadow - on the packaging it says merged, oh well. A very pretty brown shade with this gorgeous golden shimmer.

MAX FAXTOR Facefinity Compact Foundation in #03 Natural with spf 15. This matches my skin perfectly - very excited to use it. It also comes with a sponge inside :)

Every lovely giveaway needs a good perfume - not really haha - but I just loved that she included this - I got 5 ml of JEAN PATOU Paris Vaporisateur Eau de Toilette

I got some deep cleansing pore stips - or as I like to call them - painful blackhead erasers - haha. But they do work :))

She also got me these SK-11 face masks - very exciting to pamper myself after the exams and assignments haha :):)

AVON SKIN SO SOFT FOAMING OIL BODY MOISTURISER - I have tried it and boy is it fun to use - and it is indeed very moisturising on my dry legs :)

Hey Ursula, I definitley had fun w/ the goodies, and will continue to do so :D:D There were so much stuff and I felt like a kid opening her prezzies underneath the christmas tree haha :) Thanks again hunny. xxx

Once again sweeties, this is Ursula's from Illustrous Love for you to check out xxx

TATA for now :D:D xxx

FTC Disclaimer: I did not pay for anything in this post.  Ursula's from Illustrous Loves did. It was a giveaway win and I randomly won. I am not paid to do this post, nor am I asked or obliged to make a post about the giveaway or to promote Ursula's blog. I'm doing this out of my own will and as a little thank you to Ursula for having this giveaway.


  1. woooww so nice ^_^ I like the look of the Eyeko lip gloss and the Accessorize eyeshadows!!

  2. Wow!
    what an amazing package !
    I gave you a Stylish Blogger Awards
    check it out


  3. Wow that's one super giveaway! I didn't know accesorize have a make-up range! and I love the Eyeko polishes i have like 5 and they last forever!

  4. Lucky Girl :D
    This is an awesome giveaway, you got so many gorgeous things :) im checking out her blog :)

  5. ooh nooo gutted the eyeshadow got broken :( thanks for taking part in the giveaway sweetness :)

    Speak soon



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