NEW NYX HD foundation - on the wayyyy :D

I have mentioned how much I was lusting for this product for a while now .. for various reasons.

Why I desperately wanted to try this foundation:

it's an HD foundation
mineral enriched
Talc and Paraben Free
Cute packaging
SPF free. - I don't usually wear foundation during the day- and SPF is a big NO w/ flash photography.

The shade I got is HDF07 warm sand. It is supposed to be a bit darker than my natural skin tone, especially now in winter. But it has yellow undertones, and I always apply my foundation sheer :) So I cheat my ways into looking tanner :P

I have got to admit. I have not tried a lot of foundations in my life since my skin is quite ok to work with, I usually just use concealer and all that. I hate how foundations make me look pink. But now I realised it's the pink undertone that does that. So I definitely am buying yellow undertone foundations from now on. - That's a thank you to Kandee Johnson's advice. TODAY is her due date BTW. I'm so excited. Visit her blog HERE. I absolutely love her. Check out her youtube videos and blog and you'll learn so so much. She's so  inspiring!! Ok nuff said.

I bought the foundation from Joy's Cosmetics - and she is the sweetest lil seller ever, I can't wait to get my foundation in  the mail. And I don't think it's going to be my last purchase from her store, since she has all the new nyx stuff and she's the only one on ebay who does :D

Oh BTW - in case you're wondering, I got it for like £13, or €15 [shipping included]. And on the NYX official US site it retails for $15 + shipping. But if you can buy it from NYXCOSMETICS.COM go for it, since you can return if it does not match your skin tone :D

BTW: a little personal update. I'm going to start my exams on  Monday, not the next one, the one after that. Oh boy! So yeah that's why I'm not posting anything. But stick around, I have so many posts to do :D:D Yesterday I got my giveaway prize from EYELINING AND OTHER OBSESSIONS and I was so excited!!!!! I love the items. I shall do a full blog post on that. Thank you so so much Claire xxx

FTC Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with nyxcosmetics,com or the ebay seller.


  1. Love this NYX foundation, I might just have to try it out! Thanks for your thoughts on this product! Good luck with your exams! I start mine the same day you do too!

    Charlene xxxx

  2. Thank you Charlene that's so sweet :) Good Luck to you too hun xxxxxx

  3. Wishing you all the best luck for your exams!
    The foundation is great!!! You will love it.

  4. Thank you cooking chincillas xx I'm so excited to try it out :D

  5. Love Kandee as well!! Goodluck Dyna :) x

  6. thanks gertrude sweety xxxxx

  7. Best of luck for your exams Dyna :) thanks for posting the link to Joy's store! will defo chek her out :)

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