Still don't know how to do an easy smokey eye?

I used the ELF party palette for this look, spike lashes, and maybelline's define a line eyeliner

I still read comments every now and then about people who just cannot do a smokey eye. Slapping dark eye shadow on your eye is not gonna do it. The trick is this. You need a base. Hold on. There's no need to buy a base – By base I mean your black eyeliner pencil. Yes that same one. Apply it to the area you want to smoke out … hence your outer corners [i suggest not to go that far out initially] or even on the middle of the lid, and if you have small eyes don't go too further in the eye [darker shades will make your eyes smaller. ]

So simple steps.
Grab your eye pencil / cream liner
apply it to your eye area you want to darken
blend out a bit with a clean finger
press the eyeshadow against it
Then grab a blending blush
Blend the edges w/ a shimmering [optional] lighter or contrasting shade
It will give you that smoked out effect :)

Additional notes:
With smokey eye - use a shimmery white eyeshadow on your inner corner and highlight your browbone.
Liner is essential with smokey eyes
and False lashes are indeed optional. But for me it is a must for nightime w/ smokey eyes.
Smokey eyes can be wearable during the day - with the same method - BUT use easier more wearable shades :)

Hope it somehow helps.
I have an exam tomorrow so I'm definitely not very excited about it haha.

Tata guys, Ii shall be back with so so many posts for you xx



  1. Thanks for the tips!! Good luck for tomorrow.. I have one as well haha :) x

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Thank you for the tips :) and good luck to you and Gertrude :) xx

  4. Very Sexy look xxxx Good Luck Sweety


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