TAG: 8 Most Worn Things

Lara from Every Beauty Addict's Bible and Sarah from Sarah's Blog]

Anywho so here it goes:

1. Most Worn Lipstick: NYX pumpkin pie

2. Earrings: I got these peacock feather earrings on ebay and I love them :) I still haven't done a haul post about it .. so I'll show you how they look like in another post :)

3. Sweater: I don't have a most worn sweater but I have been wearing this mac red trench coat lately a lot. That's my little adorable pup in the photo w/ me :):):)

6. Nail polish:  ELF nail polish in gum pink

7. Shoes: for night outs I have these 13 cm heels from boohoo I have been wearing a lot, and for everyday I have these black runners they're so comfy.

I know this is not exactly the best photo of those heels.. but they were in process of expanding haha.

8. Hair product:  Hands down: Palmer's Hair Formula: Review HERE

I tag all of my 166 followers especially those who constantly keep leaving feedback and supporting me :D:D Love you all xx



  1. You know I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and get some of that palmers hair stuff. Your hair always looks great! Don't think its sold in the UK so I'll have to have a peek on eBay :) x

  2. Loved reading all your posts today :)

    Charlene xxxx


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