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An awesome giveaway by Audrey Dao you should all check out!!!

Click on the image for direct link - It will end on Feb28, so you don't have much time, and it's international :D Fab prizes!!

MASCARA REVIEW: L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara [with photos!!]

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Just to start- this is not an improved version of the L'Oreal voluminous mascara, it is something completely different. But I am going to compare the two together because I know a lot of you have tried the L'Oreal voluminous mascara.

The actual wand is synthetic rubber bristles, the voluminous one is a traditionalish bristle brush.
The wand is flexible, unlike the voluminous one
the stopper actually works great, unlike my voluminous one
formulation is a bit wet and heavy, similar to the voluminous one
the shade of black is not an extreme black, my voluminous one is blacker
the design of the wand is nothing special, and even though it's smaller than my avon supershock mascara, I prefer the avon one over this one.
Both mascaras do not hold curl very well, they are both heavy in formulation
Both mascaras flake in time, and both make lashes feel crispy
Packaging: gorgeous unlike the voluminous one

I can't wait for it to dry up or to finish it, it just does not wow me. Keep in mind I am very picky when it comes to mascaras, I have shortish lashes which don't hold the curl very well.

I rate this 2.5/5 [very low rating because I am very picky when it comes to mascaras]

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

REVIEW : ELF studio lip lock pencil !!

ELF studio lip lock pencil

ELF studio lip lock pencil

ELF studio lip lock pencil

This product really does work guys, it does not show up on your skin but works wonders. You can reapply without fear of bleeding :D


easy to apply
no feathering
no bleeding
longlasting effect
twist up packaging

packaging is not so practical, cap easily goes off
it is easy to knock off the product as you put the cap on
the product is only thin at the top, and it will become harder to apply when you use up the tip.

VERDICT: definitely a good buy and an awesome product from ELF. Perfect to use with the brightest darkest colours. A+
To see it in action, I suggest you check out Out in a Pout's Review, it will sure reassure you if you're interested in buying this. And even if you hate lip liners, you'll love this since it's clear and you use it outside your actual lip :)

This is how much product you get, which lasts a long time

FTC Disclaimer: I got this free on a giveaway by Jessica. I am not affiliated with any company and the opinions held are only my own.

HAUL: Various Beauty Products, Hair Products and other !!



Hey guys I have a haul today :D I'm just gonna keep it simple- this is what I got:

TRES EMME Freeze Hold Hair Spray - extra strong hold
TRES EMME Heat Defence smooth styling spray
Head & Shoulders Ocean Spa Shampoo
NIVEA Double Effect 24 hr antipersperant protection. 
WELLA New Wave Styling Clay
HERBAL ESSENCE hello hydration Moisture and Shine Conditioner

:D Let me know if there's anything you wish me to review, I probably will eventually, but I would love to know what you would like to read. 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company.

SLEEK pout polishes in powder pink and perfect plum [review w/ swatches!!!]

Great texture
Like a lip balm
very pigmented
can be a lip stain
applies evenly
10g of product – twice the normal amount of the average lipstick
smells nice
no funny taste
fades naturally
leaves a gorgeous tint

you have to apply this with finger
not too moisturising for a lip conditioner

Powder pink looks like a bright baby pink shade w/ blue undertones. I love this shade

Perfect Plum - this is a reddish brown pinky shade which looks very similar to NYX frapuccino, but looks a bit less pink. I can wear frapuccino quite easily, however, this shade is a bit harder to wear on me.
SLEEK pout polish in Perfect Plum, Powder Pink

SLEEK tinted lip conditioner in powder pink, perfect plum
SLEEK pout polish tinted lip conditioner spf15 in powder pink, perfect plum

VERDICT: I had my eye on the corally shade [Electro Peach], and while it was very tempting to buy, I refrained because of the way you have to apply this, so even though this is a great product, I don't reach for it very often, unfortunately.

Sleek pout polish in perfect plum
Sleek pout polish in perfect plum

Sleek pout polish in perfect plum 
Sleek pout polish in powder pink

I swapped Perfect Plum w/ another item. It just wasn't for me. I'm loving the powder pink one. I  love how it stains my lips. Just an amazing product. I am still not too keen on the packaging. I will probably try to put it in a lipgloss tube or something because I just adore it !!!!

FTC Disclaimer: I got this free on a giveaway by Jessica. I am not affiliated with any company and the opinions held are only my own.

REVIEW: NYX cream blushes [ w/ swatches!!!!!!]


NYX rouge cream blush in hot pink and orange

NYX rouge cream blush in hot pink and orange
p.s. I accidentally applied hot pink sheerer than orange :) Both can be buildable, both can be sheered out :D

Here is photo of me wearing the NYX cream blush in orange. And in case you're wondering, I don't go out wearing that kind of make up, it was an artistic make up look for a contest. You can check out other photos of that look HERE.

NYX cream blush in orange. It applies like a peachy tangerine shade if you ask me :)

These are probably the two most brightest shade in this nyx cream line, aside from the red one [red cheek].

This is the most long lasting blush that I own. Because it is a cream, I suggest setting it with some sort of powder. I often set it with my nyx powder blushes and the colour lasts ALL day. NYX Powder blushes often wear off after a maximum of 4 hrs. But this one is so amazing, it stays put all day. They don't have a too wide range of shades and most of the shades are designed for fair skin tones, but these two shades work best on medium skin tones and even darker skintones.

You can apply it as sheer as you would like and it is very buildable.

The packaging is soo cute. However, there is something weird about NYX blushes, not only cream ones, but also the powder ones... They have different amount of products in them!.. In fact, the NYX orange cream blush is has 6g of product, whereas the NYX hot pink cream blush has 3.5 grams!!! That's almost half as much. The actual packaging seems to hold identical amounts of product, perhaps it is more lightweight? If anyone else has the same " issue" please do tell me xx

I apply it with my finger most of the time. But when applying it with your finger, you tend to smudge your foundation or face make up. So a stippling brush probably works better. I have my ELF stipple brush on the way, so I'll hope it work s better for that :D

I have their respective shades from the NYX powder blush line: hence cinnamon and pinky. I'll upload swatches in a separate post to show you the difference between the two.

Side Note: all swatches were not paired with any other product.

You can buy nyx products from ,,, ULTA[US] or ebay sellers.

Have you heard about nyx? Have you tried any of their products? Any favourite products you'd recommend to this make up junkie? :):) Comment Below :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

A little surprise in the mail :)


Image from Emma's blog

Earlier I won a giveaway hosted by Emma  , so here's what I got:

- x2 Leopard Print make-up bags,
- Andrew Barton The Frizz Tamer gift set: Shampoo & Conditioner, Styling Cream, Wide tooth comb, Hair band and Salon discount voucher.
- Lips design nail file
- Anatomicals Deep Cleansing Mud Mask
- Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner sachet
- x2 Crest Whitestrips
- x2 Witch Clear Pore Strips
- Nivea Light Touch Body Lotion (Normal skin)
- Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner
- Nails Inc nail varnish in Warwick Avenue
- Me Me Me nail varnish in 13 Smoothie
- No7 Stay Perfect nail varnish in Vivid Violet 68
- LUSH Flying Fox lip balm
- Olay Regenerist Serum 3 Point Serum sample
- Hugo Boss Women 5ml
- Glittery star necklace 

Thank you so much Emma  :D:D xxxxx

FTC Disclaimer: I did not pay for anything in this post.  Emma did. It was a giveaway win and I randomly won. I am not paid to do this post, nor am I asked or obliged to make a post about the giveaway or to promote her blog. I'm doing this out of my own will and as a little thank you to Emma for having this giveaway.

REVIEW: TRES EMME Extra Hold Salon Finish Hairspray !!

I should be making more effort to post reviews on hair products for you guys, as I have tried quite a few. This is the first one.

 The product I'm talking about is the huge container on the right. I have had this for a while, and it actually takes ages to finish. Perhaps not ages, but yeah you get a lot of product. 

You get 500ml of product. 

The smell is well, not too bad, I've had worse smelling hair spray but this one is not pleasant, it is not overly bad, and once it dries you cannot smell anything - that is if you don't inhale it upon application. 2/5

Hold ? - It does not do wonders - my hair does not stay put forever. But it's an "OK" hold. Also, it depends on what style, because if I crimp my hair w/ a triple barrel waver *YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE* , it does last, but when I use it with my 2" curling iron barrel, which requires an awesome hold - I am not allowed to shake my head here and there. 3/5

Overall performance 3.5/5 
Like with my mascaras, I have high hopes for my hair setting sprays. So 3.5 is actually quite good. 

Would I repurchase? : I just repurchased it but in the FREEZE HOLD instead of the EXTRA HOLD. I'll haul about it soon, because I need to take photos and upload them :):)

More Tres Emme Review coming soon, if you're interested in a product in the photo, do tell me, I'll try to upload a review soon <3

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

REVIEW: AVON perfect wear liquid eyeliner / pen !!

I don't have much to say about this product. Well actually I do. The actual pen is pretty good, even though it seems to scratch my eyes a bit, but it's pointy and stuff.  The product unscrews, and it's pretty sleek looking. These are the only good things I can find about this product.

The formulation is just horrible.

The shade. Oh my. I always expect my black liners to be ultra super black. Not only is the black not intense, it is not even BLACK!! It is black greenish. Have you ever ran out of black ink in your printer and printed on automatic, and the text comes out looking greenish. That is the exact shade of this black.

Pigmentation. Not good. You need at least 4 coats to perhaps get the product even. Which brings us to the next step..

Buildability. Not buildable at all. If you swipe the product on the same place, it wipes off the previous swipe.

BOTTOM LINE: Not a good product. I rate it 1/5. And that's for the packaging only. Don't buy. A huge NO NO.

I should be getting the ELF waterproof eyeliner pen thingy from their regular line. I'll compare the two soon.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this for free on a giveaway by Ursula's blog Illustrous Loves. The blog is no longer available sadly, she is now using Tumblr. I am not being compensated for this post and I'm doing this out of my own free will.

Friday, February 25, 2011

NYX round lipglosses [review w/ swatches] !!!

NYX round lipgloss in mauve, pinky natural

Comparing the quality of round lipglosses with mega shines...

A lot of people complain about the smell of the round lipglosses, but it honestly does not bother me. In fact, I read so many reviews online saying it smells and tastes disgusting, that as soon as I got them in the mail,the first thing I did was smell them rather than check out the colour. But it honestly does not bother me,and to all those saying it taste horrible, you are not supposed to eat your lipgloss! If you happen to dislike the smell, the fragrance is really not that strong and it does not last on your lips. The packaging is really cute and I have not had any problems with the stopper as some people have said. The tip applicator is bent for easy application. I personally think that the mega shine lipglosses really are better in quality and the scent is more yummy, but both are very very good.

Another thing that I did not find in any of the reviews that I searched online before I bought the lipglosses is THIS:

NYX mega shine lipglosses are pricier, I believe even double the price of the round lipgloss. BUT. mega shines have 6 TIMES more product in them. Yes!

Mega shine lipglosses have: 15ml of product
Round lipglosses have: 2.5ml of product

So in the long run, it is more worth it to buy mega shine lipglosses as you get much more product :)
To me, though, mega shines have less interesting shades than round glosses.

NYX round lipgloss in mauve and pinky natural

Mauve and Pinky Natural are really similar shades. I would have probably got one instead of two because they really are very similar. This is what they look like to me:

Mauve: a milky baby pink, which appears quite neutral on my lips, very very pretty. I like to pair this with strawberry milk. I would say this is more of a cool pink.

Pinky Natural: this is what I thought was going to be a bright bright pink. This is more of a neutral one too, on my very pigmented lips. Also, this is more of a rosy warm toned pink. This is very pretty too.

On my lips the different is only a little. So in my honest opinion, you can do with either or. :)
For more swatches check out THIS post :)

Side Note: all swatches were not paired with any other product.

You can buy nyx products from ,,, ULTA[US] or ebay sellers.

And because many of you ask, I bought these nyx products from this EBAY SELLER. And yes, the seller's customer service is really really good :)

Have you heard about nyx? Have you tried any of their products? Any favourite products you'd recommend to this make up junkie? :):) Comment Below :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

HAUL: NYX blushes [cream & powder] w/ free NYX long lip pencil !!

NYX powder blush in cinnamon, NYX cream blush in hot pink

I recently got these in the mail :)
I already had NYX powder blush in Angel, Peach, Pinky and Taupe [which you can check out HERE]
I also already have NYX cream blush in Orange [which I hauled about HERE]

I decided to get the :
NYX cinnamon powder blush PB08 [which is often considered as a dupe to more expensive peach blushes like MAC Gingerly, Peaches, or Nars Gina] I don't have any of the higher end peach/orangey shades, so I'll upload a swatch soon and you can compare it for yourselves. :)

NYX hot pink cream blush CB08 [this is such a pretty shade, and is somewhat different than NYX powder blush in pinky. I'll upload swatches soon :)) ]

I also got the NYX long lip pencil in L3 Coffee for FREE on a promotional offer which I told you about earlier on :)

TOP: NYX long lip pencil in Coffee, NYX slim lip pencil in Natural

The top one is NYX long lip pencil in Coffee, the bottom is the NYX slim lip pencil in natural of which you can see swatches HERE.

I'll upload swatches soon and reviews and everything :):) xxx

 I bought these items from this EBAY SELLER.

Disclaimer: I purchased all of the items myself.The nyx long lip pencil came free with the promotional offer. Not affiliated with the seller.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

REVIEW: ELF studio eyeshadow c brush [vs ELF regular eyeshadow brush!! ]

I am doing a review of the eyeshadow c brush from ELF's studio line collection. I am also going to compare it to the eyeshadow brush from ELF's regular / essential line.

ELF eyeshadow c brush [studio line]:
[x] very dense brush
[x] synthetic bristles
[x] very soft
[x] quite small
[x] packs on colour brilliantly
[x] colour: black
[x] size of entire brush is larger and more "bulky"
[x] Best use: packing colour on the lid, smokey eyes

ELF eyeshadow brush [regular line]:
[x] less dense brush
[x] animal hair bristles
[x] not as soft
[x] larger than eyeshadow c brush
[x] colour: white handle
[x] entire brush is lighter and smaller
[x] Best use: highlight inner corner or browbone

BOTTOM LINE: I tend to use these both, for different purposes. Even though they are both comparable, they are quite different. Both are great buys. :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

REVIEW: Palmer's Therapeutic Hand Cream !!

After trying this product out for a while, I am convinced Palmer's products are probably one of the best on the market. After trying the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula for Hair, I got to try this hand cream.

non greasy
fragrance free
very moisturising
can be used on cracks on the skin
tube is very hygienic
concentrated product

why in the name of hands would you put spf in a hand moisturiser? I don't know about you but I find that entirely useless. I use moisturiser before going to sleep, so the spf is basically useless. This age and new era of spf is starting to freak me out now. And btw. if you really want to protect your hand from wrinkling due to sun exposure SPF 8 is nothing. Oh well, I'm not sure if it's a con, it's just plain stupid - at least for me.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're looking for a good genuine hand moisturiser this one is really good. Especially for those who suffer from dry dry hands.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this free on a giveaway by Claire. I am not affiliated with any company and the opinions held are only my own.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ELF new 32 eyeshadow palettes [vs. ELF ltd ed Christmas 32 eyeshadow palette] !!!

This is my comparison on ELF's  Christmas limited edition 32 eyeshadow palette with ELF new 32 eyeshadow palette everyday basics and ELF new 32 eyeshadow palette everyday brights  !!!

This is my photo on the 32 palette Christmas ltd ed
This is the photo of the NEW ELF 32 palette everyday eyes that ELF UK displays on their site

EVERYDAY BASICS: I can find strong similarities between the two!! The first two rows seem to be identical, and the 3rd row on the new one seems to be identical to that of the fourth one on the older one. The last row seems to be the only one a tad bit different than the Christmas limited edition one. So if you've missed out on the Christmas one, I think this one is a close match to that.
This is the NEW ELF 32 palette everyday brights that ELF UK displays on their site

EVERYDAY BRIGHTS : The only row I can find very very similar is the grey row, hence the last one. The other shades seem to be different than than of the limited edition Christmas 32 palette. There seem to be too many similar shades to me, too many aquamarine shades. But if the colours appeal to you it definitely is a good buy.

Assuming that they are the same in texture to the previous 32 eyeshadow palette, they can be a little powdery and the texture is a bit different to other eyeshadows, but I do tend to reach for my Christmas limited edition one very often, so the texture is very good and quite pigmented.

 Both palettes retail for £9 on ELF UK site. You can find them HERE[UK]

FTC Disclaimer: I got the 32 palette for free on the UK site by means of a promotional offer. I am not being compensated to do this post in any way. I am doing this out of my free will and all opinions held are 100% my own.

Monday, February 21, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to put on false lashes [with youtube video!!]

Here is the requested video on how I put on my false lashes, Please comment and subscribe for more videos :D I love that I have so many people supporting me and I'm glad to help. Keep the requests coming guys <3

The video is now LIVE, just click on the picture below for direct link  :D

Subscribe to my youtube channel HERE
for more reviews, hauls, fotds tips, and more beauty randomness :) xxx
SUBSCRIBE for more videos guys, and a BIG thank you to all those who already have xx

This is what I used:

Cross lashes:

Duo Lash glue:

Avon supershock mascara:

False Eyelash Applicator
Fan brush

FTC Disclaimer: I have purchased ALL of the products myself for my personal use. NO ONE is paying me to do this tutorial. I don't own any music whatsoever playing in this video.

This was a requested video on how I put on my falsies, hope you somehow found it helpful xx

UPLOADING!!!!!! How to put on your false lashes video on youtube !!

Hello guys, I was requested by Christine, a very sweet girl here on blogger from Make Up Beauty and Fashion a long time ago to make a video on how I put on my falsies, I recorded it literally 3 different times - on 4 different occasions and I was not happy with the way it recorded the first three times, the third time it was good enough for me to demonstrate how I do it :):)

Here's a sneak peek ^.^

I will post a link as soon as it has updated and processed.

I'm open to any requests for my youtube and blogger account, I started this blog to help and get help on beauty related matter so I am very glad to be helpful to my followers and subscribers <3
So keep the requests coming and I'll do my best to do them :)
I also would like to know whether you prefer videos or blog posts, generally speaking, it's something interesting to find out :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MAC mineralize skin finish in stereo rose [review w/ swatches!!!]


This is the MAC mineralize skin finish or msf limited edition shade in stereo rose. It is a gorgeous gorgeous shade. MAC mineralise skin finishes are normally not very colourful, and are mostly used for highlight because of their frosty finish. 
This particular shade is a coral orangey shade with a touch of pink. It has a frost finish and I use it as a blush for those days when I don't want too much colour on my cheeks. I also sometimes use it on top of other blushes to create a dewy finish. 

I am loving this product and whenever I use it, I don't need a highlight product on top of my blush, because the type of finish is enough, at least for me. 
This is not super pigmented, it is more sheer in colour, but the frost is quite visible.
You get 10g of product with this one, which will last a lifetime so if you find this on ebay or something and you really like the shade, just go for it.

 Here  is the swatch :)


I am wearing it here w/ ELF's warm bronzer.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this for free from Outinapout on a giveaway win prize but I am not obliged to make a review and am not compensated in any way to do this post. 

TAG: no make up just woke up look !!

So following the other post I have done DARE TO BARE CHALLENGE, I got so much response, I figured I'd post some more make up free posts. A lot of people say we "hide" underneath kilos of make up. To me, it's more of embracing your natural beauty and highlighting that. It also means hiding those natural flaws we all have. I feel confident with make up on because it's an expression of who I am, just like I love my long hair. It's part of "me" and I love to play around with whatever look I want to produce. But I also embrace my flaws and redness and all that, because that's a part of "me". You have got to be confident in your own skin in order to feel complete. Oh well, enjoy my make up free photos :D

PS - READ MY LAST NOTE, It will only make you feel better, promise <3


you can see my dark circles here haha..oh and sorry for not looking at the camera, just making sure the bloody cam will focus haha

this is another photo I took on another day, and the rest of my hair was clipped at the back, my top layers are this short though :D

and I encourage all of you to embrace yourselves with all the flaws, because that's a part of who you are. I also know a lot of people who struggle with being overweight or wanting to lose a few pounds. From my point of view, I weigh 46 kilos and my BMI is 19, which may be a lot of people's wish, but to me, it honestly is not very attractive. People call you names regardless, if you're at a "skinny" weight, people will call you "bony" and all sorts of names. Trust me, them haters will STILL call you names and all that. So whatever you do, do it for your own sake.And let them to keep on hating, and you do your own thing and just be you, because that's the best you can ever be xxx

I tag everyone of you reading this to do this !!! xxxx

Have an awesooome Sunday guys xxx
You inspire me so much hunnies :):)
I love reading every single comment :D xx

Dyna  xxxx

HAUL: Bumpits from ebay & initial reaction!!

I got these bumpits from ebay, I bought the blonde ones because I have highlights on the top part of my hair I figured it would help. I wanted to get these to refrain from teasing every now and then. These things are NOT good to use when your hair is down, they will show up. I really need to play around with them though before I do a review, I'll try using them when I'm having my hair up or something and I'll see if they work for that :D But so far, I'm not very impressed with these.

FTC Disclaimer: I bought everything myself and am not compensated in any way to make this post.