#1 Keep SPF foundations / tinted moisturisers for daytime and avoid taking photos with flash when wearing products who have SPF in them. [I once went out for a night out and in all of the photos I looked like a ghost, and I found out why and I thought I would share this with you guys. When using flash photography, do not wear SPF foundation, SPF setting powder, SPF tinted moisturiser, SPF make up primers etc. SPF is very light reflective, so whenever you use flash, the light will reflect back, making you look all ghosty and stuff. So be careful. ]

#2 Hate it when your eyeliner smudges after a couple of hours? Hate reapplying? Want your eyeliner to last all day? [gosh- I sound like an ad.] Anyway, when working with creamy or liquid textured liners, they can easily smudge and you might have to reapply. If you pat some eyeshadow on [of the same colour as your liner] with a small angled brush, the eyeshadow powder will set your eyeliner making it long lasting. I do this everyday and it only takes a couple of seconds but does wonders.

#3 Don't you hate it when your mascara wand touches areas on your face it shouldn't touch and no matter how hard you scrub, the black tint remains? Or trying to get the best out of your lashes with your mascara and you keep getting black dots of mascara under your eyes, on your eyelids and even the crease? Keep a couple of q-tips or cotton buds [whatever you call them] handy and place one end on the problem area and rub in against your skin by twisting it. Blend eyeshadows back to normal with the other end. If the mascara dried or is hard to take off, just place a little of make up remover on one end of the applicator. This trick can also be used for problems with eyelining.

#4 If your eyeshadow looks a bit like a mess and you'd like to polish the look a little, grab your blending/crease fluffy brush and use your compressed powder and blend it to the areas you desire. It will look like an eraser and covers up any eyeshadow flaws. Use your compressed powder to lighten your eyeshadow if one eye looks brighter or bolder than the other by patting it all over your eye with a cotton make up pad.

#5 Have small eyes? Want to make your eyes look bigger? Use white eyeliner on your waterline and the inner corner of your eye and set in with your white eyeshadow. If you find white liner a little too fake looking, use light pink liner instead.

#6 Love doing your nails but hate doing you right hand [or left if you're a lefty]? Try starting with the one you feel least comfortable with, then progress with the one you're comfortable with. This way, you won't get too bored by the time you HAVE to finish the one you hate doing. I don't know how to explain it to be honest, but I swear it works wonders for me. I don't know why it works, but it just does.

#7 Eyebrows help in giving your face dimensions. When going on a night out, try filling up your eyebrows in light strokes. I recommend e.l.f's studio line: eyebrow kit which retails for £3.50. If you prefer, you can also try this using a wet angled eyeliner brush and a matte eyeshadow which is 2 shades lighter if you're a brunette or 2 shades darker if you're a blonde. If you want to blend the whole thing if you find a bit too sharp, use a disposable mascara wand and blend the eyeshadow with this brush against your eyebrows.

#8 If you have droopy eyes, avoid liner on the waterline or lower eye area, because this will only make your eyes droopier. Instead, place liner on upper lid.

Also. If your crease is hanging on your upper lid, do not extend your liner further out.

#9 If you want to make your lips look more full, grab a matte white eyeliner prior to the whole lip application and line the outside of your lip against the edges of your lip and blend really well. You can also use a light concealer. Make sure you put some extra highlight on your cupid's bow. Use this technique especially with bold bright lips.

#10 When applying your foundation, always drag the product underneath your ears and along your neck for a more natural look. If you happen to have a darker shade foundation [perhaps you bought it by mistake or you bought it in summer when you had a good tan] use it underneath your cheek bones, forehead and underneath your chin to give dimensions to your face.

#11 I'm not sure if I should call this a tip but for god's sake if you're wearing a red lip a pink lip or whatever check your teeth everytime you put it on. I just hate it how people have their lipstick on their teeth EVERYTIME they put a lipstick on and it just looks ridiculous.

#12 This is my favourite beauty tip everrrr. I have an elf super glossy lip shine whose colour I don't like because it is a metallic shade [pink kiss]. But I do love the texture. I recently placed my fuschia lipstick, nyx lousiana lipstick on TOP of it and boy, did it look like a gorgeous lipgloss. It applies sheer and it turns out really gorgeous. Now this does not work on each and every lipgloss but if there's a shade of lipgloss you own but you don't like, try it out. And use your cosmetics to the very best you can.

#13 Prior to starting your make up routine keep an alcohol hand rub handy and place some onto your hand. This way, any bacteria or germs on your hands will not transfer onto your face. Also, clean your make up brushes often because they keep bacteria in them and that could be a reason why your skin keeps breaking out.

I collected the tips I posted in separate posts and voila!! all jammed up in one ! Feel free to share your own tips guys xxx


  1. Thanks for all these tips dear! x

  2. Great tips Dyna! I'll definitely be trying some of these :) X

  3. LOL It does sound like an ad. Thanks for the tips ^_^

  4. @ Isabelle - and an annoying one at that ahahaha :P

    @Gertrude& Mad Giraffe - you're welcome xx

  5. Keep the tips coming, you know I love them! ;) Btw I ALWAYS have q-tips next to me when I apply mascara, somehow I manage to get mascara everywhere everytime I use it lol x


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