ELF new 32 eyeshadow palettes [vs. ELF ltd ed Christmas 32 eyeshadow palette] !!!

This is my comparison on ELF's  Christmas limited edition 32 eyeshadow palette with ELF new 32 eyeshadow palette everyday basics and ELF new 32 eyeshadow palette everyday brights  !!!

This is my photo on the 32 palette Christmas ltd ed

This is the photo of the NEW ELF 32 palette everyday eyes that ELF UK displays on their site

EVERYDAY BASICS: I can find strong similarities between the two!! The first two rows seem to be identical, and the 3rd row on the new one seems to be identical to that of the fourth one on the older one. The last row seems to be the only one a tad bit different than the Christmas limited edition one. So if you've missed out on the Christmas one, I think this one is a close match to that.

This is the NEW ELF 32 palette everyday brights that ELF UK displays on their site

EVERYDAY BRIGHTS : The only row I can find very very similar is the grey row, hence the last one. The other shades seem to be different than than of the limited edition Christmas 32 palette. There seem to be too many similar shades to me, too many aquamarine shades. But if the colours appeal to you it definitely is a good buy.

Assuming that they are the same in texture to the previous 32 eyeshadow palette, they can be a little powdery and the texture is a bit different to other eyeshadows, but I do tend to reach for my Christmas limited edition one very often, so the texture is very good and quite pigmented.

 Both palettes retail for £9 on ELF UK site. You can find them HERE[UK]

FTC Disclaimer: I got the 32 palette for free on the UK site by means of a promotional offer. I am not being compensated to do this post in any way. I am doing this out of my free will and all opinions held are 100% my own.


  1. i think even the top row on the xmas pallete and bright pallete look similar too. i have the xma palette so prob wont need to buy these, but great for the people that missed out at xmas. great job comparing for people :-)

  2. That's a great palette! So many choices!


  3. I like how it has brighter colors and not so many of the same shades like the christmas palette. the new one isn't one the american site :(


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