HAUL: Bumpits from ebay & initial reaction!!

I got these bumpits from ebay, I bought the blonde ones because I have highlights on the top part of my hair I figured it would help. I wanted to get these to refrain from teasing every now and then. These things are NOT good to use when your hair is down, they will show up. I really need to play around with them though before I do a review, I'll try using them when I'm having my hair up or something and I'll see if they work for that :D But so far, I'm not very impressed with these.

FTC Disclaimer: I bought everything myself and am not compensated in any way to make this post.


  1. I got some of these from eBay too, havent worked out how to use them though. Certainly no good when your hair is down. I got the black ones and you can see the little teeth poking through my hair :s suppose the good thing is I paid £0.50 rather than £10 which is what they sell for in stores. x


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