HAUL: the much awaited NYX HD foundation!!!!!

I have been looking for an AWESOME foundation since forever. I hate foundations w/ spf as I usually don't wear it during daytime, and as soon as I heard about this, I was seriously lusting over this baby. I got it from joy's cosmetics on ebay. And she's an awesome very friendly nyx seller, her shop is definitely worth checking out. I have already tried the foundation because I received this like a week ago but I was busy with my exams as you all know, I still have 3 assignments to do and not very excited about them :) But I can find time to blog every now and then :)

I also have an eye on the NYX HD greenish primer, that neutralises the redness on the face :)

About the foundation: this shade, warm sand HDF 07 is the 2nd darkest shade out the collection, it has a strong yellow undertone to it and that is awesome for me because that's what I wanted. Unfortunately, NYX has no shades for people with darkish skin. 

You can check out swatches of ALL NYX HD foundation:

You can also check out facebook album for swatches of the matte lip creams they just came up with HERE

If you cannot see the photos please do tell me, I'll try to get permission to post them in my blog xxx

I love NYX products, I have never been disappointed so far and if you want to check out other reviews and swatches of NYX products that I have CLICK HERE.

I shall fully review the NYX foundation in a future post, but so far I'm loving it :) xx

Tata guys xxx

lots of virtual hugs,


  1. Please do a review once you've tried it for a couple of times.

    Charlene xxxx

  2. I used to have the same problem with the yellow-undertone thing as well. Before I used to buy any foundation lol but then I realized that even though my skin tone is not that dark, my undertone is orange-y and most lighter shades tend to be for red undertones. x

  3. I used to hate the way my foundation made my face look pink ... and us Mediterranean tend to have more yellow but it did take me a while to realise that. In fact, I would have never thought that foundations have a certain undertone to them. Then I was watching kandee johnson and she said that for her, it is important to look for a foundation with yellow undertones. And it finally made sense to me, that was my issue with my previous foundations.

  4. hey beauty. great blog. visit and follow me if you like.


  5. Gah.. Same here.. I've been using bb creams with pink undertones for quite some time before realising one day that there are different undertones and have dumped bb creams ever since

  6. Hi there! First off, thank you for this post, it's very informative and I was stoked to find someone who wears Warm Sand. Do you know what your shade is in MAC?

  7. I don't know it fifi dear, we don't have MAC in Malta :) xx


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