January EMPTIES : will I repurchase?

This photo was taken last month, but i was too busy to post it sorry :(

This is the list of products I have used up :)

1. ADIDAS sensitive anti persperant roll on - I shifted to nivea anti persperants ever since I have had a reaction to one of the adidas roll ons [the blue one]. I have used adidas roll ons for years [probably 4-5 years] but I have been having rashes due to one of them and the nivea ones seem to work better :D

2. ESCADA into the blue perfume - I got this free for my 17th birthday. WOW that was 2 years ago - Oh well. I loved this perfume, still do and probably always will. I bought the D&P perfumum's version of Escada into the Blue a few months ago.  D&P perfumum is a company which provides exact dupes of higher end and even cheaper perfumes.

3. ELF tinted moisturiser in honey. I knew right from the moment I got this in the mail that this is a very very small product and I'll use it up real quick. So I bought another one. Which I opened in January :)

4. B.B Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm. I got this as a sample too on a giveaway, and to me - this is a medium coverage cocnealer. It has a pink undertone to it and is a tad bit too pale for me. No [re]purchase here either.

4. EYE HOPE advanced anti-aging eye cream. I got this as a sample on a giveaway. No I'm not freaking out about wrinkles and all that at 19. I don't need therapy.  No [re]purchase here.

5. SILK and CLEAR nose strips. Got these asian nose strips free from isyncinc on ebay on a promotion. I actually sort of like using these, but I'm not a fan of nose strips. They hurt my nose. *sobs*. I won't be purchasing any nose strips though. I will not allow myself to buy torture for my poor nose.

6. TRES EMME Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. While I love the packaging, I actually did not find the hold I really need from a hairspray, so I bought the freeze Tres Emme hairspray, which I'll haul about soon :)

I have a couple other empties I have used in this month of February so I'll post about them in the end of February *I hope*.

This is my first post of this kind, do you guys find this type of post helpful? To me, I like seeing posts like these because I can see what people actually reaaally use.

At the end of this month I shall post TWO favourite posts - one of January and one for February, since I did not have time to post one for January before because of my dreadful exams and assignments.

Tata for now lovelies.
and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for supporting me.!!!
I have reached my first 200 followers!!!
I embrace every single comment, and every cute feedback you guys leave for me, it makes me smile :D

FTC Disclaimer: I bought everything myself [except for the gift / giveaway win] and am not compensated in any way to make this post.


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