A little ramble =]

Hey guys, I just finished my never ending exam and assignment stage =] Last night I literally did not sleep, didn't go to bed at all to finish my last assignment. I stayed awake for 3 nights in total these 2 weeks - talk about beauty sleep haha.. Oh well. I weirdly decided to walk home from university today, and that's a 1hr 15 mins walk because it was so sunny outside. So I was super tired as I got home and I slept within seconds as I lied on the bed. Haha, and I'm still tired. But thank god I have no more 3,000 word assignments to wake up to :D

I have a little problem with my blog atm, as I have used all of my "Free" space of pictures on Picasa Web Albums. I didn't even know there was a limit. Oh well. I'm thinking about doing more youtube videos, uhm.. I don't know would you prefer videos rather than blog posts? I'm going through pictures and deleting those which are not that important, so that's a start. Has this happened to you or anyone you know?

I'm off to get my beauty sleep real soon,
your very tired virtual friend,


  1. Sounds like someone's been working hard!! Remember to get your beauty rest. :) Hehe your hard work will pay off! (hopefully)

    Looking forward to more blog posts, and videos. Xo

  2. Yeah.. There's a limit for your photos =( i'm currently at 38% and already stressing about it LOL I upload pics on Facebook sometimes and use the link to upload images here xD


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