NYX round lipglosses [review w/ swatches] !!!

NYX round lipgloss in mauve, pinky natural

Comparing the quality of round lipglosses with mega shines...

A lot of people complain about the smell of the round lipglosses, but it honestly does not bother me. In fact, I read so many reviews online saying it smells and tastes disgusting, that as soon as I got them in the mail,the first thing I did was smell them rather than check out the colour. But it honestly does not bother me,and to all those saying it taste horrible, you are not supposed to eat your lipgloss! If you happen to dislike the smell, the fragrance is really not that strong and it does not last on your lips. The packaging is really cute and I have not had any problems with the stopper as some people have said. The tip applicator is bent for easy application. I personally think that the mega shine lipglosses really are better in quality and the scent is more yummy, but both are very very good.

Another thing that I did not find in any of the reviews that I searched online before I bought the lipglosses is THIS:

NYX mega shine lipglosses are pricier, I believe even double the price of the round lipgloss. BUT. mega shines have 6 TIMES more product in them. Yes!

Mega shine lipglosses have: 15ml of product
Round lipglosses have: 2.5ml of product

So in the long run, it is more worth it to buy mega shine lipglosses as you get much more product :)
To me, though, mega shines have less interesting shades than round glosses.

NYX round lipgloss in mauve and pinky natural

Mauve and Pinky Natural are really similar shades. I would have probably got one instead of two because they really are very similar. This is what they look like to me:

Mauve: a milky baby pink, which appears quite neutral on my lips, very very pretty. I like to pair this with strawberry milk. I would say this is more of a cool pink.

Pinky Natural: this is what I thought was going to be a bright bright pink. This is more of a neutral one too, on my very pigmented lips. Also, this is more of a rosy warm toned pink. This is very pretty too.

On my lips the different is only a little. So in my honest opinion, you can do with either or. :)
For more swatches check out THIS post :)

Side Note: all swatches were not paired with any other product.

You can buy nyx products from nyxcosmetics.com , cherryculture.com, makeupgeek.com, ULTA[US] or ebay sellers.

And because many of you ask, I bought these nyx products from this EBAY SELLER. And yes, the seller's customer service is really really good :)

Have you heard about nyx? Have you tried any of their products? Any favourite products you'd recommend to this make up junkie? :):) Comment Below :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I really want to try nyx and the funny thing is one of the stores in my town sell's them and I still have yet to purchase anything. Maybe next month.
    I really like the mauve color!
    Are they sticky at all? Like hair sticks to gloss kinda way lol

  2. Hey hunny :) no I don't find them sticky at all. They're my favourite glosses, and they are very pigmented. I heard the mauve shade is very very similar to the shade "beige" from their nyx mega shine line. It's Marlena's[from Make up geek] favourite gloss. I actually prefer the nyx mega shine glosses tbh. A) even though it's pricier, you get sooo much product, B) the packaging is more expensive looking and C) the texture is slightly better :):)

  3. people don't like it cos it smells like dishwash soap lol but i don't really care. it's a lil weird but i got used to it =)

  4. I actually don't mind the smell as much, it's like a citrusy smell but it fades away pretty quick so i don't mind :)


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