REVIEW: AVON skin so soft foaming oil body moisturiser

I am loving this Avon Skin so soft foaming oil body moisturiser by avon I got from Ursula on winning her giveaway :D

She told me about how much she loves this product and I'm so glad I got to try it out because it really is awesome. You get 150 ml of product, and the packaging comes with a pump. The product is liquid inside but as you pump it out [that just sounded like BEP's song - nevermind] the product becomes all foamy. I love to use this on my legs.

It does not leave a greasy feel or a sticky feel. It just leaves the skin all moisturised. The only downside with this product is that it is so easy to use up. Also - the product is not concentrated, it seems like 3/4 of the product is actually water and I actually could be right because water (aqua) is the very first on the ingredient list.

This is not a deep moisturiser, this is more of a light moisturiser actually. But I love to use this on my dry legs especially because they get so dry in winter. The smell is really nice actually. There was this review on [actually there was only one review on this product] which said that the smell is horrible. I don't get it, it smells really nice, I can't explain it really. It smells really girly, somewhat fruity. I just can't explain it, but it really is very nice, at least to me.

Bottom Line: I'm loving this and I'll definitely be using this up. Personally, I prefer the Nivea moisturiser which I can use on my hands, body and face as I'm trying to cut down on product and that's a multifunctional product. But I really do like this.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this for free on a giveaway by Ursula's blog Illustrous Loves. The blog is no longer available sadly, she is now using Tumblr. I am not being compensated for this post and I'm doing this out of my own free will.


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