REVIEW: ELF party palette limited edition [w/ make up look!!!!]

This is my review on ELF's essentials or regular line limited edition party palette. I love this palette. This is perfect to carry for smokey eyes and it works brilliantly. All eyeshadows are very pigmented, they are a bit powdery, but I love the texture.

The black and white shades are probably my favourites, the black is amazingly gorgeous with glitter, and the white is also with glitter. Very party-esque.

The purple is pretty gorgeous too, but I would have preferred it to be metallic to be honest.

The greys are pretty gorgeous too, and are pretty subtle, they can also be used for everyday :)

Now this is the only thing I don't get. The shade next to the white shade is a very light light blue. I never use this. I tried it for highlight, it looks horrible to be honest. If this shade was a light shimmery pink it would have worked much better.

I'd definitely stick this in my travel kit when I need a small smokey eye palette.

There is also another thing I don't like - the eyeshadows "expire" within 6 months of opening. How crazy is that? Actually I don't believe eyeshadows expire haha. I think it's just a myth. So I'll probably be using this beyond the 6 months.

 I love that it comes with a small mirror, and the packaging is pretty sleek.

And I have to give ELF a thumbs up for the brush. It's like an ultra mini version of the ELF eyeshadow c brush, I hate the sponge tips the eyeshadow palettes usually come with, I never use them. It works great for applying eyeshadow along the lower rim :)

 BOTTOM LINE: Even though I didn't pay anything for this palette as I got it on a promotional offer, it was on my wishlist. Those who made use of such promotional offer got either the party palette or the natural one, but I badly wanted this one, so I was very happy when I saw it. It was worth £3.50 and I probably would not have bought this because I have sooo many eyeshadows, I just don't need anymore eyeshadows but now that I got it I'm so excited to take this with me in a travel kit or something when I need something handy for a quick smokey eye :D It is probably out of stock and since it was limited edition, I don't know if it's coming back, but you never know ;) You can try ebay :)

FTC Disclaimer: I received the palette FREE on ELF's christmas promotional offer. My reviews are a 100% honest and I see the product as if I bought them myself. I am not affiliated w/ ELF and I always say it how it is guys, promise :D xxx


  1. Really wanted to get this palette but since I got the 32 and the 100 palette I thought it would be a little useless to get this too. However I think this would be awesome to take with me if I am going on a trip as it is so small and sleek. Love the look you created.

    Charlene xxxx

  2. Hey Charlene, actually I did not get the 100 palette, and after I realised what a huge mistake I did not to get it w/ the offer. But the items I wanted were not in stock :/

  3. Ohhh very pretty!! :) I got the other color combo ;) x


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