REVIEW: NYX cream blushes [ w/ swatches!!!!!!]


NYX rouge cream blush in hot pink and orange

NYX rouge cream blush in hot pink and orange
p.s. I accidentally applied hot pink sheerer than orange :) Both can be buildable, both can be sheered out :D

Here is photo of me wearing the NYX cream blush in orange. And in case you're wondering, I don't go out wearing that kind of make up, it was an artistic make up look for a contest. You can check out other photos of that look HERE.

NYX cream blush in orange. It applies like a peachy tangerine shade if you ask me :)

These are probably the two most brightest shade in this nyx cream line, aside from the red one [red cheek].

This is the most long lasting blush that I own. Because it is a cream, I suggest setting it with some sort of powder. I often set it with my nyx powder blushes and the colour lasts ALL day. NYX Powder blushes often wear off after a maximum of 4 hrs. But this one is so amazing, it stays put all day. They don't have a too wide range of shades and most of the shades are designed for fair skin tones, but these two shades work best on medium skin tones and even darker skintones.

You can apply it as sheer as you would like and it is very buildable.

The packaging is soo cute. However, there is something weird about NYX blushes, not only cream ones, but also the powder ones... They have different amount of products in them!.. In fact, the NYX orange cream blush is has 6g of product, whereas the NYX hot pink cream blush has 3.5 grams!!! That's almost half as much. The actual packaging seems to hold identical amounts of product, perhaps it is more lightweight? If anyone else has the same " issue" please do tell me xx

I apply it with my finger most of the time. But when applying it with your finger, you tend to smudge your foundation or face make up. So a stippling brush probably works better. I have my ELF stipple brush on the way, so I'll hope it work s better for that :D

I have their respective shades from the NYX powder blush line: hence cinnamon and pinky. I'll upload swatches in a separate post to show you the difference between the two.

Side Note: all swatches were not paired with any other product.

You can buy nyx products from ,,, ULTA[US] or ebay sellers.

Have you heard about nyx? Have you tried any of their products? Any favourite products you'd recommend to this make up junkie? :):) Comment Below :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I haven't tried these blushes yet but they seem to be great!

  2. Thanks for the review doll! Is it possible to wear these cream blushes as lipstick? Like with a clear gloss on top? Or are the dry on lips?

  3. hey NatalieDouka, I actually have tried the nyx blush in orange once, it did not feel sticky to be honest. I did not particularly like it that much though. Perhaps it was only the shade I got, but I have read on other beauty blogger's blog that she does use them as a lip colour. :)


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