REVIEW: Vaseline Rosy Lips

This is my review on Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy with Rose and Almond Oil. I have used soooo much out of this product there's a deep dent in it.

First the packaging. I have lip tins. I just do, it' so messy and stuff, I prefer twist up packaging. The packaging itself is easy to open. It is made out of metal. Obviously not breakable. And surprisingly, even though the product is easy to open, it's not going to open in your bag and make a mess in your beloved favourite bag. Even if you drop it, it's not going to open, trust me :D

The consistency: if you have used vaseline on your lips, this is the exact same texture as vaseline. Well, obviously. The smell is really nice actually, unlike the actual vaseline product. There is no significant taste to it.

These are the ingredients: Petrolatum, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Aroma, Linalool, C1 73360, CI 77891

You get 20g of products - that's a LOOOOT of product.

The shade: yes there is a tint to this product. Now hold up - I have the nivea cherry lip balm which I hated for being too reddish and not so lipbalmish [Check out my Nivea lip balm reviews HERE]. This is not red, this is a pinky rosy lip balm. It is definitely not pigmented, it just gives you a tinted sheer healthy colour to your lips. Trust me - this is nothing like the Cherry kiss lip balm by nivea, this one is actually gorgeous.

I saw this in a shop not so long ago and I assumed it was just like the nivea one so I abstained from buying it, but now that I actually tried it, I will definitely be repurchasing more of this one. It might even replace by favourite lip balm by nivea, which is the soothe and protect one. I bought like 5 tubes of that one already. The only reason I'm still favouriting the nivea one is that it comes it a lipsticky tube, which is more hygienic I guess then sticking your finger in a tin. Oh well. 

FTC Disclaimer: I got this free on a giveaway held by Claire of Eyelining Obsessions. I am not compensated for this post and I am not affiliated w/ any company or any other blogger :)


  1. I love Vaseline products :D thanks for the review, I'd definitely get this, the combination of rose and almond oil sounds so nice!!


  2. Vaseline balms are just great and the fact it has a tiny bit of a tint to it is even better. I use the normal one it's in a yellow tin and has SPF. Like you I still prefer lip balms in a twist tube so I still prefer the Body shop Vitamin E one instead of this. :)

  3. Yep it really is a good product, the lip tin is a bit of a meh. but yes, I really do like it and tend to reach for it a lot :)

  4. This looks very interesting, as I<m a fan of Vaseline. Which it was available in Quebec )=

  5. that's such a pity gaby, there are a couple of sellers on ebay though who actually sell it :)

  6. Totslly agree with you on this review. The blue normal vaseline isnt all that good. The smell, it still does its job. I use mine on my lips while I am getting ready, before I put on my make up. Like a moisturiser for my lips :)

  7. I've always wanted to try out Vaseline lip tins, but they aren't available here! :(

    By the way, you're really gorgeous! LOVE your hair and makeup! :)


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